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Very Close Finish in GCC 3000

  • June 7, 2017

Very Close Finish in GCC 3000

This year the Junior School competed in the GCC 3000 race which was the challenge to improve fitness of students before the GCC Cross Country. Each class ran for ten minutes each day and counted the number of laps completes by each student.

During the first few weeks the competition remained reasonably even but as the weeks went by the two Year 2 classes emerged as leaders of our race. 2M held a narrow lead until the very last week when 2W put in a last minute surge and squeezed ahead to win the race. Prep Green, Prep White and 1W were all very close with Prep Green gaining third placing by just 70 laps.

Each week the students checked their progress on the racetrack in the library eagerly watching as their class racing cars edged closer to the finish line.

The girl and boy in each class with the highest total number of laps was presented with a certificate at the Junior Assembly and the winning class was presented with the GCC Running Trophy. 1W will go on an outing with Mrs Stott towards the end of the year for a full day of fun and activity.

It was great to see the fitness of all students improve as they increased the number of laps run as they got fitter.

Year 2W Winners 

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