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USC Science Engineering Challenge

  • July 28, 2022

USC Science Engineering Challenge

The Science and Engineering Challenge is a national program that aims to get students excited about careers in Science and Engineering. It is an inter-school competition where students participate in a series of activities related to real-world applications.

On Wednesday 13 July (during the third week of the holidays) a group of 15 GCC students from Years 6-11 travelled to the University of the Sunshine Coast. In teams they completed each challenge, having fun, learning to work as a team and solving problems.

Students built a mechanical hand, designed a building to withstand an earthquake, built a moon buggy, designed a telecommunications network and built a bridge to hold a heavy train. Our students excelled in working together to solve each challenge and had a great deal of fun. They appreciated the range of opportunities that STEM careers offered.

Many thanks must go to Jenny Ritson for helping out on the day.

Fenton Doolan, Head of Science

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