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Urban play – it’s your turn

  • October 12, 2022

Urban play – it’s your turn

Glasshouse Christian College teachers have collaborated with the University of the Sunshine Coast in developing a Sustainable Neighbourhoods program to teach secondary students. Our teachers were part of the pilot program and have given feedback on the content and implementation, to help the developers create a more engaging and student-friendly product.  In Term 4, we will present this fun and innovative program to our Year 8 Geography class.  This involves having regular lessons created (and some classes delivered) by USC staff and students.   

USC has developed the game (much like SimCity) where students have to build a sustainable city, working through different challenges as they go.  The students work in town planning and urban design to create the spaces we live, work and play in.  Each lesson focuses on one of the challenges of urban design, prioritising social equity, environmental sensitivity, economic viability, public transport and active mobility. 

Students will explore the threats of extreme weather, the importance of culture and the loss of biodiversity.  We discuss what people need versus what they want. 

We look forward to seeing students explore urban design and begin to understand the different priorities town planners have and how they work to deliver world-class neighbourhoods. 

Helen Douglas

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