Upside Down Umbrella Day - Glasshouse Christian College

Upside Down Umbrella Day

  • March 18, 2015

Unusual and unexpected activities were the order of the day as we learnt about the short ‘u’ sound in Prep White. Each child brought in an umbrella.  We sat under the umbrellas for quiet reading, enjoyed excerpts of the move ‘Up’ and danced with our umbrellas to ‘Happy’. We sorted, measured and compared our various umbrellas, drew a picture of an umbrella, painted this picture with watercolour paints and suggested a suitable caption. Our wonderful parents popped some unexpected things in the children’s lunchboxes, which provided much delight as each discovered their various surprises.



Prep kids just love to paint, draw create and we use a LOT of paper. If you know of paper of any size or shape that could replenish our stash we would be very grateful.

  1. Architects, you have GREAT papers to use. Printers, you have many offcuts that we would be thrilled to use. (Hint hint)
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