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Update on Construction Project at Isiseko Educare

  • May 25, 2015

Our school banking supports and Education Centre in Africa. Here is the latest newsletter from them:

Dear Friends of Uthando and Isiseko Educare

We are now mere weeks away from completing a three-year project to transform Isiseko Educare from what was a small government built house and a couple of shacks into a double story flagship educare centre in the suburb (some people call them townships) of Mfuleni. I am very much looking forward to sending photographs of the completed educare.

This project has cost R1.2 million and I will be sending a breakdown of the funds spent once the project has been completed.

The project was predominantly funded by two main sponsors, plus larger amounts coming from five sponsors, then smaller amounts from the rest BUT as a team effort this project was completed and thank you so much for being part of it.

We are erecting a sign at the entrance to Isiseko with the names of all funders to the project. I hope it meet with your approval.



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