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Tuckshop News

  • June 10, 2014
We would like to welcome any new families that have started this term.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers.

Tuckshop is open on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday , and Friday but not on Wednesdays.

Thank you to everyone that has used Flexischools online service. To register go to www.flexischools.com.au and click register . If you have any problems Flexischools provide a help desk on 1300361769 or contact them via the website. Tuckshop online needs to be done by 9.00am on Tuckshop days.

Year 7-12 can purchase food over the counter, except pre ordered food from the menu. Prep to Year 6 are not allowed to purchase food from the counter. The students must order with a paper bag or online.

Tuckshop has scones and strawberry jam for $1.50 each.

Our direct Tuckshop line for any inquiries is 5436 5654.

Cathy Boyer(Tuckshop Convenor)
Lauren Bottrill

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