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Trying to outgive God

  • March 18, 2015

Dani and I have our wedding anniversary coming up this week, and I am struggling to get her a present. If I get her a massive gift, and she gets me a tiny one, she will feel guilty. It would be even worse if I give her a tiny present, and she goes all out. The ideal gift is one that matches what I have been given.

I wonder if we should bring this way of doing things into our relationship with God. Can I give God a gift that compares to what he has given me? He has given me a world to live in, full of spectacular beauty and matchless experiences. He has given me life, good health, a wife, a son and a very cheeky dog. On top of all this He has given me His Son, who came to die so that I could have a relationship with God Himself. While I realise there is no way I can ever match this, I do think that God deserves the very best of my life.  Along these lines, the Bible tells us to offer our bodies to God as living sacrifice (Romans12:1). But even if I were to do this and give Him my entire life, the gift would still not compare. Every breath I take, every thought I have, and every movement I make, are already his gift to me.

Chappy Dan Bassett


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