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Travelling Books

  • December 2, 2020

Travelling Books

We are blessed to have amazing facilities and resources at GCC. From time to time we assess and gather older resources to pass them on to those in need. Over the years we have partnered with author T.M Clark and sent items to a warehouse at Fastair in Brendale, where they have been stored and sorted into various containers to be shipped all over Papua New Guinea. The donated items are sent via outreach community projects that send donated supplies to help build libraries, help schools with all types of equipment, books and supplies. Sometimes the destinations are quite remote, requiring boat delivery but sometimes the places have electricity and running water and a road where boxes can be delivered. Deliveries are made across the highlands, down to the coasts and to the islands.

In September, despite COVID-19 a delivery of our donated desks, chairs, hats and books were warmly received by schools in Papua New Guinea. Each of the schools that received our donations, expressed their gratitude and promised to take care of the items. What a great opportunity to show kindness and to see our resources blessing others!

Vanessa McKellar, Head of Library Services

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