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Town planners’ meeting a success!

  • April 16, 2018
There were lots of special guests in the Year 1 area recently. Here’s why:
The Year 1 students have explored and described the environmental features of their local community and considered how this area has changed over time. We viewed maps of the local area and then created and named our own individual town plans with important features and labels. In role, the ‘town planners’ then invited guests (parents/carers) to attend the local meetings on Friday 23 March. The planners proudly showed their designs, justified their decisions and explained the layout of their towns. We even drove tiny cars around the roads of the town! In consultation with their guests, those present designed their own home yard and they placed features on their plan so that they were in the most convenient and logical positions.
So to echo our Year 1 rap, which we all chanted together to start off the morning:
“We’re Year 1, have so much fun!
A happy time for everyone.
We love to learn. We love to play.
We love to come to school each day, oh yeah!
Watch us go. Watch us grow.
You will see how much we know, oh YEAH! “
Sincere thanks to our special guests for the tremendous support we enjoy! We loved seeing everyone so engaged and involved.
The Wondrous Team; Lin Smith, Heidi Fraser and Wendy Hay
GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety
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