To our Year 7 Students - Glasshouse Christian College

To our Year 7 Students

  • December 2, 2014

Well it’s time for us to say, ‘”Farewell”,
but we would rather say, “See you soon”.
It has been a year of ups and downs
but you have made it through.
The tears, the laughter, the work,
And play.
Has finally come to an end.
We are proud of you.

When you commenced Year 7,
You were a blank canvas,
The canvas is now, not so blank,
You have added your mark.
Good or bad.

We pray that as you move onto Year 8,
You realise:

* how unique you are
* how precious your life is
* this is not a rehearsal

May you make a mark on your canvas that you are proud to show the world.

All the Best and God Bless,

Mr Ware, Mrs Kombanie, Mrs Horrigan, Miss Fleming
(Year 7 Teachers 2014)

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