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Three free webinars for parents

  • February 1, 2018

In schools and many other industries, it is compulsory for employees to participate in ongoing professional development to ensure they are doing the best possible job and learning new skills to meet new situations. However, the most difficult job in the world is sometimes seen as one where no training is needed. You don’t need to have a certificate or degree to become a parent so the value of training to be a good parent is often overlooked or downplayed.

Glasshouse Christian College belongs to the Independent Schools Digital Collaboration Network (ISDCN) which recognises the need for training to meet the rising challenges of parenting in this day and age. ISDCN are offering the following three free webinars in semester one:

Parent Webinar 13
It’s time we talked AGAIN: Pornography, young people and sexuality today
01/03/2018 <detail here>

Parent Webinar 14
Adolescent Sleep and Well Being
17/05/2018 <detail here>

Parent Webinar 15
Mental Fitness for Families
06/06/2018 <detail here>

I encourage all parents and caregivers to put these dates in their calendars now and keep the details in a handy location. The webinars usually go from 7:30pm to 8:15pm on a week night to fit in with most parent schedules.

Don’t forget that you can always search the Glasshouse Christian College website to recall the details when the time comes. If you enter: “free webinars” or “webinars for parents”, this post will come up in the results menu. You can also download the brochure here.

Student welfare

Sometimes the journey through childhood and adolescence does not run smoothly for some of our students. Perhaps there is conflict at home, there has been grief and loss or maybe there have been “friendship fires” that just can’t be put out on their own. We care about our students and for this we have a number of student welfare measures to offer help.

First and foremost there is the child’s Pastoral Care teacher in Middle and Senior School or your child’s class teacher in Primary. If you would like to alert us to a problem or if you are seeking help for your child these people are your first port of call. They are busy people so they are best contacted by email.

Depending on the type of problem the PC or class teacher may then enlist the help of the next tier of our Student Welfare team and that could be either the Year Level Coordinator for Secondary, the Team Leader of the year for Primary or maybe the College Pastors. They may also consult the Head of School for further advice.

We also have a “Psychologist in residence” at the College who will work here on Fridays beginning next week. I have more information about her and how to access those services directly below.

At all times we will be acting in the best interests of your child and working in partnership with you.

College Psychologist

At the end of last year we bid farewell to Heidi Langley, who was our Psychologist in Residence at the College. Heidi has left to further her private practice and we wish her all the best.

Our new Psychologist is starting at the College next week. Her name is Alaina Westaway and she will be available for appointments every Friday. Alaina began her career as a Psychologist 25 years ago, working for Disability Services QLD and then spent several years working as a School Guidance Officer and in private practice in Tasmania. For the last 15 years she has worked in a mental health hospital and has maintained a thriving private practice. Alaina’s three children all attended GCC up until the beginning of 2017 and she is most excited to once again, be a part of the College community.  

The service that Alaina offers to the College is an extension of her private practice. As a College, we are supplying her with a venue and access to our students as potential clientele. To access Alaina’s services you are entitled to 10 visits that are bulk billed under the Medicare scheme as long as you obtain a referral from your GP.

For more information about this scheme and to schedule appointments you will need to email her directly on

Mike Curtis, Principal

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