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The Science Spot – Science 21 in Focus

  • March 4, 2014

In 2014 one of our new senior subjects is Science 21. Science 21 caters for the needs of students who are interested in Science but not at such a high academic level as is required in subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

It is now a prerequisite of many teacher training universities that their students have completed at least one senior Science subject at high school. Science 21 will enable these students to fulfill this requirement.

At the moment students who are studying Science 21 are doing a very practical and interesting unit on Forensic Science. In the Forensic Science unit students have the opportunity to examine areas such as: DNA Analysis; Blood Typing; Tool Mark Impression; Fingerprinting ; Hair and Fibre Analysis ; Impression Evidence; Chromatography; Blood Spatter Analysis and Forensic Anthropology.

In Term 2 the students will be studying a unit on Natural Disasters. The students will learn about earthquakes, bushfires, volcanoes, tidal flow, satellites, ocean currents and nuclear energy.

Any students in Years 9-10 or their parents who are interested in finding out more information about doing Science 21 in the future you can speak (or email/phone) to myself or Mrs Horrigan.

Fenton Doolan, Head of Science


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