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THE SCIENCE SPOT – Aspiring Women in Science Conference

  • May 13, 2015

On Saturday 9 May, 10 senior female Science students and myself  travelled to Brisbane to the Aspiring Women in Science Conference. We spent a day listening to inspiring female scientists who are well known in the local and international scientific community.

Every one in the group of girls had a difficult choice of picking speakers throughout the day. There were many female scientists to choose from, working in fields of Engineering, Marine Biology, Medicine, Physics, Mathematics, Genetics, just to name a few. Each presenter not only lectured about the research and achievements they were involved with, but also about their challenges as a woman in science.

Everyone who travelled to the conference was inspired about the opportunities available in working in science and the impact we can make in society. We were encouraged as young girls to explore our career options in Science and what was available to us to start our journey in a career in Science.

My favourite speakers at the conference included astrophysicist Tamara Davis, who fascinated us with her study of the universe expansion and dark matter, which has some sort of anti-gravity. If she and other scientists can find the reason for this anti-gravity they could create hover boards for the future! I also really enjoyed Dr Diana Conrad and her presentation on the procedures of eye surgery, which has impacted many individuals living with various eye diseases.

We were all tired from the day, but it was well worth it. All of us who visited are now motivated to achieve a career in Science and make an impact for the world around us.

Talia Rosa-Denham,  Year 11 Science Ambassador

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