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The Resilient Parent: free webinar

  • March 2, 2023

The Resilient Parent: free webinar

From Dr Justin Coulson:

Resilience. When it comes to your kids, you’ve probably heard this word many times. From teachers, on social media posts, and even from other parents on the playground – it seems that resilience is the watchword of the day. And as parents, we want our kids to be strong and good, so they can weather the storms of life.

But resilience isn’t just for kids.

As parents, we’re faced with challenges every day. We have a seemingly unending list of little tasks, like making lunches and getting our kids to after-school commitments on time, soothing the daily hurts – both physical and emotional – in our children. We need to meet homework demands, push music practice, make dinners, kick footballs, and much more.

And we do all this while trying to manage our own physical and mental health and responsibilities at work and home.
It’s no surprise that research shows that parents are more burnt out than ever.

But research also tells us that being resilient helps us bounce back from adversity and frustrations, and return quickly to a state of healthy functioning.

So now all we have to do is figure out how to become a resilient parents so we can teach those skills to our own kids. Introducing…

Resilient Parent

Thursday 9 March

8pm AEDT | check my timezone


The Resilient Parent is a FREE webinar for parents who sometimes feel overwhelmed with the challenges of the parenting gig. (And I’ve never met a parent who doesn’t!) 
In the webinar Dr Coulson will share:

  • the research behind parental burnout, and how this could be hurting you and your family
  • the five solutions you can take to boost your resilience and make you and your family happier, and
  • the tools and techniques you can use to build your own reserves of parenting resilience and help you model resilience for your kids too.

This 30-minute FREE webinar is designed for parents who are ready to leave burnt-out parenting behind for good and bring more resilience and strength to their own children.

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