The Quest Tournament - Glasshouse Christian College

The Quest Tournament

  • November 26, 2019

The Quest Tournament

A few weeks ago nine of our primary Honour students participated in The Quest Tournament at the Sunshine Coast. Representing Glasshouse Christian College were three teams of three students in each. A team of Year 3 students, a team of Year 4 and 5 students and a team of Year 5 and 6 students. The students spent two days working to solve problems in the areas of Mathematics, Science and Humanities. The challenges are set to stimulate creativity, problem-solving and love of learning and includes a competitive atmosphere necessary for the display of heightened awareness, stronger focus and brilliant ideas, and the achievement of excellence.

On the first day, the students rotate through the three learning areas. Students will learn and prepare the skills and techniques necessary for the challenges of the second day. On the second day, the students rotate through the same three learning areas with the challenge itself now available for them to work through as a team and produce a solution. The Quest participants will have the opportunity to challenge boundaries, expand their insight and enthusiasm for learning and gain confidence in their outstanding potential while practising teamwork and cooperation and gaining an understanding of complex topics that provide depth to their school work.

All students worked hard and did extremely well with two of our teams making it through to the State Finals at the University of Queensland. The teams again worked through new challenges which built on the Preliminary Challenge while providing further complexity. Again the students worked hard and did Glasshouse Christian College proudly. Unfortunately, they did not place at the State Finals but should be proud of what they achieved.

Sharryn Viney, Honours Teacher

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