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The Quest For Books In A Forbidden Sanctuary!

  • June 10, 2015

Frank Zappa had it right when he said, “So many books, so little time.. “

It was a long, but quite studious day for our Year 11 Modern and Ancient History classes, as well as our Year 10 History students at The University of Queensland a few weeks ago.

The day started off in tears for a small group of over excited dedicated library lovers. Students walked into the library and were struck with awe at the endless books on the shelves (but some claimed it was merely the dust fairies blinding them).

Six hours were spent hiking up and down countless flights of stairs at the UQ Library finding books on the Vietnam War, ancient civilisations and World War One. Time was spent evading the endless patrols by the determined University Librarians with hawk eyes and ears tuned to the noise of exuberant library dwellers.  By the end of the day the stairs seemed to become the length of the Great Wall of China but that didn’t phase us. Athletes that we were (cough cough), as we were on a mission! We saw many books completely swallowed in dust, others that looked like they hadn’t been opened in a hundred years. They also led to a mass of wild-predator stand offs and final attacks between the students who needed “just that book”.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the claws were unleashed many times as we all vigorously attempted to find the books we were hunting for. But not only that, we also enhanced our inner-jerry-mouse as we tiptoed around the tom-cat university students, high on coffee and no sleep! Oh, the blessed uni life!

Once we had found the treasured books we were searching for on our quest, we then spent what seemed like a never ending amount of time standing at the – PHOTOCOPIER! – Observing every inch of the blank wall, whilst photocopying piles of books, became our pastime; that part wasn’t enjoyable.

Our adventures finally came to an end, as we left the library with endless amounts of photocopying for our assessments. It had been a day well spent, and our voices exploded as we finally left the library compound, and talked long and loud enough to make up for a day we spent in complete silence.

The Modern and Ancient History students parted ways as we went to different restaurants. The Ancient History students went on their way to a Greek restaurant called “Little Greek”  and the Modern History students went to a Vietnamese restaurant called “Viet De Lites”, whilst other visited a Turkish restaurant named “Ahmets”.

The food became the centerpiece for further conversation on different modern and ancient societies, as we enjoyed our little ‘taste of culture’. We then collected our weary bodies into the bus for our return to the familiar College gates. Our travels to the library will be remembered as an exhausting but fantastic adventure.

Moale James

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