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The Push-Up Challenge

  • July 21, 2023

The Push-Up Challenge

40 pumped-up GCC students and teachers took part in The Push-Up Challenge last June.

The Push-Up Challenge has participants completing 3,144 push-ups over 23 days to raise awareness and funds for mental health. It all kicked off on June 1st. The total for pushups changes every year, based (unfortunately) on the number of people who have lost their life to suicide.

Under the team name GCC CHEST WARRIORS, they pushed out 51 103 push-ups in 23 days. More importantly, $590 was raised to support Movember. The next few months would be a good time to start a regime of moisturising and upper lip care- just in time for Movember later on this Semester.

Russell Modlin, Secondary Teacher

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