The 2013 National Young Leaders Day for Primary Schools - Glasshouse Christian College

The 2013 National Young Leaders Day for Primary Schools

  • April 2, 2013

On Wednesday 27 March we went to The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre for the 2013 National Young Leaders Day for Primary Schools. This is an initiative of the Halogen Foundation. The day was about bringing together student leaders and leaders from the community to share experiences.

The Halogen Foundation had four speakers for the day. They all came from different backgrounds and had their own stories to share with us. The speakers were Kay McGrath (journalist), Ruben Meerman (the Surfing Scientist), Creel Price (author/founder of Club Kidpreneur) and Paul Hockey (record breaking Everest climber).

Sarah Mens: “The national young leaders day was very exciting and inspirational. My favourite speaker was Paul Hockey because he really inspired me to NEVER EVER, NEVER GIVE UP. Paul Hockey lost his arm from cancer at the age of eight weeks; he also lost his stepmother, father and his aunty from cancer. Paul climbed Mount Everest with one arm and reached the top! He was the first ever disabled man to climb the mountain. He used to get told that he could never climb Mount Everest, but he proved them wrong”. 

Casey Woods: “I think I should tell you about Ruben Meerman, the Surfing Scientist. He showed us scientific and mathematical approaches to the concept of leadership. He told us about a program, called Boids, which was made to replicate the social behaviour of animals. He said that as social creatures, we are all leaders. We act as a group and respond to the actions of the four closest to us in a group. If you work as a group there is a better chance of you making the right choices. The best part of the National Young Leaders Day for me was when Ruben did an experiment where he poured hot water into a bucket of liquid nitrogen and the stage was covered in an explosion of steam.”

As young leaders we have made a commitment to make a positive difference in the world, both now and in the future. It starts right here by serving others in leadership.

We would like to thank Mrs Jen for organising for us to go and the College for giving us the opportunity to attend this event. We would also like to thank our Dads for taking us to and from this event and supervising us throughout the day.  Thank you.

by Sarah Mens and Casey Woods, Primary Captains

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