Term 2 Sport Reports - Glasshouse Christian College

Term 2 Sport Reports

  • June 18, 2013

Cross Country Running

Rain, hail and shine our Cross Country runners tore up the Glasshouse bush tracks. Each Wednesday the runners braved slippery downhills, ankle breaker tree roots and mud holes to improve their fitness before the Regional Cross Country Carnival. Well done for your consistent efforts

Team Player: Natasha Hoeksema; Team Spirit: Lucas Tidy

By Matt Beattie

Soccer Girls

The girls’ soccer team had quite a successful term with mostly wins to their name. On several occasions the girls lent themselves to the other schools to assist with their teams, and these were the hardest fought games. Despite a few wet and muddy weeks, the girls kept playing hard and did their school proud.

Team Player: Nichola Bates; Team Spirit: Annabelle Freeman

By Stacey Whyte

Soccer Boys

In Term 2, Glasshouse Christian College Boys Soccer Team competed against Caloundra Christian College and Caloundra Private in a friendly round robin. The boys played exceptionally well with only one loss for the entire term. The enthusiasm with which the boys played was commendable and they were a pleasure to watch. A big thankyou to the boy’s who volunteered to play for the opposing team when they were short players. It displayed maturity and character and you were great ambassadors for our school.

Congratulations boys on a great term of soccer

Team Player: Cameron Shervey; Team Spirit: Daniel Lewis

By Matt Ware

Mountain biking

The Mountain Bike crew had the BEST time in sport this term! We often came home covered from head to toe in mud (Well, Zach did anyway)! The improvement throughout the term was incredible as each and every member of the group attempted different challenges to test and strengthen their ability. We conquered some pretty tough terrain and came out reasonably unscathed each time. Some students (James Proud) had a bit of difficulty keeping to the track and provided us all with an entertaining stack each week. One in particular occurred when he thought he could impress everyone by ‘flying’ down a narrow track… The next minute James has a head on collision with a tree (I don’t know how you miss a tree James!) Another one of the MANY classic stacks we had goes to Nic Bell who accidentally tried to bomb dive into a massive puddle. Another hilarious and entertaining moment! Not all of us could be as skilled as James Beutel and Jaiden Andrews as they continually showed us up with their awesome biking skills! Well done everyone! What an awesome term of sport!

Team Player: James Beutel and Jaiden Andrews; Team spirit: Zach Catchcart

By Annaliese Bullock

Ultimate Frisbee

During the course of the term, the students demonstrated a vast improvement in their enthusiasm and skill development. Although GCCC were winless, there were some positives like sportsmanship, teamwork and perseverance that were pleasing. The coach needed to encourage the team to keep playing in a competitive way a little too much for his liking, but overall, each player kept turning up each week and performed adequately.

Team spirit award: Pallas Johnson and Otto Coulstock

Team Player (MVP): Taylah Andrews and Cameron Kennedy

By Cameron Hall

Girls’ European Handball

This team of girls was unstoppable. They took on this sport with drive and determination to show that they could get the job done. Every game, all players worked together as a team, working the ball

forward to score. Moale was a hard opponent to play against. She was such a valuable player to not only shoot goals, but her court skills in attacking, defending and those goals on the run stunned the opposition. Andrea came to every game, happy to be used where she was needed and always managed quite a few goals for the team as well. She gave a constant effort every week with a great team spirit and was always happy to help. Congratulations to all players on their fantastic attitude and sportsmanship this term.

Team Player: Moale James, Meagan Kennedy; Team Spirit: Andrea Curtis

By Kris Freeman

Boys’ European Handball

The boys European Handball season was played in good spirits across all schools. The GCCC team at first struggled against some of the bigger players from the likes of Caloundra Christian College, but towards the end they bonded together well and displayed great teamwork, determination, handball skills and focus to finish with a solid season all round. It was great for me as their coach to see that through a little self-belief the boys rallied to play hard, play well but importantly play fair. GREAT EFFORT BOYS!!

Team Player: Callum Marshall & Isaiah Gordon; Team Spirit: Jordan Bull

By Ryan Fowler


This term our two softball teams won the majority of their games against Caloundra Christian College and Caloundra City Private School. Most students were playing their first competitive game of Softball and should be commended for their efforts and sportsmanship. Miss Devitt’s B team were well drilled and won every game they played. Mr Doolan’s A team struggle at times but always gave their best. We were hampered most weeks by the rain, which often made things very difficult.

Team Player: Ramon Marrero: For his inspirational leadership and effort

Team Spirit: Isabelle Westaway: For aways getting the gear and packing it up without having to be asked.

By Fenton Doolan

Oztag Boys

The boys played consistently well this term and won some closely contested games with late tries in the dying seconds. Jake and Jack did a great job captaining the side and there were great tries scored by all with top try scorers going to Emmerson and Jake. Percy and Harry used their slick moves to leave the opposition grabbing at air while Luke, Ryan and Kyle were sharp in defense! Win or lose, the boys always showed great sportsmanship after every game so congratulations on a positive term. Team Player: Emmerson West; Team Spirit: Percy Morris

By Gary Havenga

Oztag Girls

GCCC were definitely the underdogs of this Girls Oztag competition this term. From game one we new it was going to be an uphill battle to win games against both opposing sides who always seamed to have training and age on their side. Our girls stuck it out though, through rain, wind and sunshine, showing up every week with a determination to improve and a desire to win. The girls tried different

tactics throughout the season and often threatened the opposing teams try line. We came so close a number of times to winning and even led a couple of games right through to the closing seconds.

Our team displayed impeccably good sportsmanship, even laughing and joking with the opposing teams at times. Once one of our players was practically tackled to the ground by an opposing player. Our girl picked herself up with a laugh and even apologised for running into the other player! We enjoyed the competition and were thankful to have the other Christian Schools there for some friendly competition.

Team Player: Jallissa Thomas; Team Spirit: Natasha Kukulies

By Chappy Mick Spann

Horse Riding

Horse riders had an awesome time this term. Students learnt everything about grooming a horse, putting on a bridle, halter and saddle and how to ensure horses are secured. Many girls started the term lacking confidence and were quite scared, repeating “I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die”… when up on their horse, (or even pony) but over the weeks learnt to ride confidently. We had a few mishaps, but I was proud of those that fell and got back up on their horse! The weather definitely dampened our enthusiasm with only one ride through the pineapple patch. The term finished with a mini gymkhana in the arena, which saw most riders trotting, steering and racing their horses around the arena.

Team Player: Cadi Cavanagh

Team Spirit: Lani Kombanie, Emma Denson and Jordan Vallely.

By Patrice Cutlack

Lawn Bowls

Despite the inclement weather stopping the last four weeks of play, the students (and one nameless teacher) who participated in the Lawn bowls were pleasantly surprised by the game’s skill requirement and overall enjoyment. Jim from Glasshouse Country Bowls club, along with several other members, were inspiring and fantastic coaches. The students were all excellent in both behaviour and participation. The MVP for Lawn bowls (based on style as well as skill) is Josh Neumann, consistently showing skill, poise and style. Well Done all the Lawn Bowls participants.

Team Player: Joshua Neumann

By Chris Warren

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