Term 1 Sports' Report - Glasshouse Christian College

Term 1 Sports’ Report

  • May 13, 2014

9/10 Caloundra District Sport: Term 1

Team Spirit -Lucas Tidy
MVP – Zac Cathcart

There was a large mass of young gentlemen eager to learn the tactics and contact that goes into the game of Rugby Union. However, that list whittled down to just a group of dedicated warriors – think Leonidas and his small army of 300. We were privileged to have Hayden Hirsimaki, a future Reds’ player help out with the knowledge and skills necessary as part of the game. He showed some great training drills and the boys got a lot out of his no nonsense approach. The boys are all eager to play as a team in the Rugby 7s tournament later this year.

Mr Cameron Hall


Team Spirit: Joseph Oxenham
MVP: Alex Harwood

The boys won more than 50% of their games over the season. They started slow in the first couple of weeks and couldn’t get a win or buy a basket, but with patience, great passing skills and defensive pressure, they went on a 6 game (over 3 weeks) winning streak. This winning streak was highlighted by a Daniel Lewis “showtime” game where he scored 10 points (5 baskets in a row without missing). The last week they were able to play a full 4-quarter game against Caloundra Christian College and came out convincing winners.

Mr Russell Modlin

Indoor Cricket
Team spirit – Anika Randell
MVP – Max Williamson.

The indooor cricketers had a great time competing against CCP and CCC during Term 1. Whilst there were some excellent individual players, the concept of ‘Team Sport’ was quickly valued and relied upon. There were generally three teams that competed in two matches per day. Our teams were formidable opponents to the other two schools.

Skill development was excellent to see. Many students developed the ability to bowl using the proper technique and learned the important fine motor skills to catch, hit and field the ball competently.
The added bonus for all the cricketers was being inside during the hottest time of the year. Well done cricketers!

Mr Chris Warren
B team MVP to Maddisson Larfield and the Team Spirit to Rose Stokes

A Team MVP to Natasha Hoeksema and the Team Spirit to Billie Sandes

It’s fair to say that the netball girls all tried their hardest in their matches. The A team displayed impressive skills of agility, accuracy, speed and teamwork and were no doubt the strongest team in the competition. The games were fast paced and the scores represented the skills of the players – Congratulations girls.

The B team started out with some discouraging losses, but soon turned it around to come out evenly in the competition. For some of the players, they had to do some fast learning of the rules and skills of netball and were able to feel success at shooting goals and winning games. The girls enjoyed themselves and were supportive of each other – even from the sidelines. Well done girls, you should be proud of your determination and achievements!

Mrs Tanya Cullen
MVP: Rebekah Groer
Team Spirit: Elizabeth Gregory

The SCISSA volleyball girls used this time to train and prepare for their after school games. The girls did exceptionally well in the SCISSA competition, coming so close in many games and managing a convincing win over Nambour Christian College. We were up against experienced teams that have played together for many years, so we did really well for our first comp. A fantastic effort to all involved.

Mrs Annaliese Bullock

Team spirit – Cameron Kennedy
MVP – Ryan Brewer

Students entered the competion with great enthusiasm and great GCCC spirit. We found tough competition from both Caloundra Christian College and Caloundra City Private. Stand out players included Cameron Shervey, Tim White, Ryan Brewer, Cameron Kennedy, Lachlan Kelly. A great effort from the year 10 girls also deserves a mention. We won about as many games as we lost but played in the spirit of the game, ably representing GCCC.

Mrs Cathy Argent

Dragonboat Racing
Team Spirit – Jordan Turner
MVP – Toby Glover

During Term 1 a group of Year 9 and 10 students joined teams from two other local schools to experience what it is like to be involved in Dragon Boat Racing. A Dragon Boat is a long, wide-bodied canoe-like boat powered by two rows of nine paddlers along each side of the boat all working together (hopefully) to drive the boat through the water.
After a rather messy, uncoordinated session (fair enough for novices), our band of noble paddlers slowly came together into a well-oiled synchronized machine powering their boat through the water to come second to a team that was trained by a professional Dragon Boat paddler. It was a sight to see – well done GCCC!
Thanks has to go to the members of the Kawana Dragon Boat Club who gave up their Friday afternoons for the benefit of the students.

Mr Rob Hill

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