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Term 1 Interschool Sport

  • April 24, 2013

Swimming: Mrs Freeman

Thanks to a great little group of students who were willing to be my guinea pigs to be taught swimming.  These students participated in my assessment video for my learn to swim qualifications and pretended to be beginner swimmers. We had a great time just learning how to float and other fun things as well as lap after lap after lap, after lap…, but Alex, I’m sorry you won’t graduate from floating – the Dead Sea maybe your answer to floating like the rest of us.

MVP: Joseph Oxenham; Team spirit: Georgie Snow


Touch Football: Mr Fowler

GCCC touch football was great this term. The boys showed great skills, attitude and aptitude against their opposing schools. All GCCC teams went through Term 1 undefeated, playing with great flair and poise when attacking but in return demonstrating great defense when defending. The boys also demonstrated good sportsmanship towards all participating and it was great to be a part of the GCC touch football teams for Term 1.

MVP: Cameron Shervey ; Team spirit: Lucas Tidy

Golf: Mr Havenga

The Year 8/9 students had a great term learning about golf etiquette and how to play golf like Adam Scott. After successful stints on the range and the practice putting green, students took to the golf course where they developed skills on how to play out of water puddles, sand bunkers and the rough. At the end of each week a putting competition was held and who can forget Cynan Lindsay’s hole in one from about six metres. Everyone’s golf swing improved over the term and the longest and straightest hitter would have to be Josh Pedersen with Emilie Rosenberg demonstrating the best team spirit. Overall, a very good term and congratulations to everyone concerned for their fine efforts.

MVP: Josh Pedersen; Team spirit: Emilie Rosenberg


Netball: Mrs Bullock and Mrs Gisler

The Year 8/9 girls’ netball team had a fantastic season. The girls dug deep every game and as a result only lost a couple of games all term. They won the vast majority of their games by a convincing amount. The girls all showed impressive sportsmanship to their opposition. It would’ve been easy for the girls to get over-confident after so many wins, but they continued to encourage and value the opposing teams, which was awesome to see.

All the girls deserve a special mention for their awesome attitude and Godly example. Well-done! Great season!

Mrs Bullock’s Team: MVP = Lani Kombanie; Team spirit: Isabelle Westaway

Mrs Gisler’s Team: MVP: Holly Dodwell; Team spirit: Hannah Johnson


Badminton: Mr Hall

The students had fun improving their badminton skills and showed great improvement as the weeks progressed. GCCC students had a high level of participation and were always up to the challenge to compete against doubles from the other two schools in the round robin tournament. Although GCCC rarely had a W next to their name, it was pleasing to see that this did not dampen their enthusiasm to give their best in the competition.

MVP: Emily Raine; Team spirit: Taylor MacIntyre


Basketball: Mr Ware

Wednesdays of Term 1 always held a much-anticipated face-off between Glasshouse Country, Caloundra Private and Caloundra Christian College. The boys would always give their best and were great ambassadors for our school.  The games were extremely tough with the GCCC boys regularly winning one game and losing another.  At times we were our own worst enemy by hitting the ball on the side of the ring or the backboard and bouncing out. The boys would always take it in their stride and continue to give their all. Well done to all the boys. I expect to see my Year 8 boys playing basketball for me next year.

MVP: Callum Masrshall; Team spirit:: Jordon Bull


Fishing:  Mrs Cutlack and Chappy Mick

Barra Fishing was a lot of fun. Students were keen to bait up quickly in the hunt for the elusive barramundi.  Plenty were seen during the term but only a few landed.  Once hooked, the challenge was landing the fish before it spat the hook.   The excitement was immense when a huge fish was pulled from the lake and was shared by all. 

MVP:  Marshall Currie and Elizabeth Gregory; Team spirit:  Thomas Boroughs and Matthew Mitchell


Wakeboarding:  Mr Beattie

Wakeboarding proved to be a lot of fun throughout Term 2.  Early in the term participants showed plenty of perseverance to keep attempting to get up on their boards despite some huge stacks and classic wipeouts.  Some brilliant effort in the second half of the term as students really got the hang of things, managing to stay on their feet on the wakeboards and complete plenty of laps on the knee boards.

MVP: Jayden Post and Coen Oosen; Team spirit : Andrea Curtis and Bowen Pike


Thunder Hockey:  Mr Maguire

Despite limited training the Thunder Hockey teams took to their chosen sport with much enthusiasm. I actually had to calm some of the boys down on a few occasions but the whole thing was played with an air of sportsmanship and fun. There were a couple of serious defeats, some hard fought victories and the final game for the boys ended in an 8 all draw after a 6-2 score against us at half time.

Daniel Lewis was a stand out for his team spirit. Apologies to the girls as I didn’t see much of their play due to the way the refereeing worked. Jack Pattison has been presented the MVP award for his courage and determination to lead this team every week.

MVP: Jack Pattison; Team spirit: Daniel Lewis

Waterpolo: Mrs Whyte

The boys’ and girls’ Waterpolo teams had a great time throughout Term 1, learning the rules and competing against the other schools. Every player should be proud of the way they quickly picked up the rules and provided tough competition.

MVP: Talia Rosa-Denham; Team spirit: Ramon Marrero

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