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TEAR Australia Useful Gifts Catalogue

  • October 22, 2019

We don’t normally include these kinds of articles but we thought it may be useful to those families wanting to bless others this Christmas. The TEAR Australia’s 2019/20 Useful Gifts Catalogue shows 28 ways that people facing poverty are experiencing new opportunities for hope, health, learning and livelihoods and 28 ways that TEAR and its partners around the world are working faithfully to bring glimpses of God’s kingdom on earth.

When you purchase a Useful Gift, what may appear small can ripple out with amazing possibility: like when a family receives a chicken and discovers the flow-on impacts of increased family income, or a new toilet opens up improvements for a community – not only in health, but school attendance and women’s empowerment too!

Not only are the gifts in this catalogue truly useful, they each reflect the way that God’s generous heart reaches those who face poverty and injustice. Everyone can give generously when we share the overflowing grace of God!

See www.usefulgifts.org for this year’s online Useful Gifts

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