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Teams Play Well At Mission Cup

  • November 4, 2014

Two teams of excited players headed for the Gold Coast to compete in the Mission Foods Primary Schools Netball Cup. The weekend attracted eighty teams from all over Queensland, competing in eight pools of ten teams. The teams played six or seven games on Saturday and two or three on Sunday, so it was a huge weekend of games. This year many of the students had not played netball before until joining our teams. They have learned a lot and by Sunday the experience in game situations was certainly evident as their movement and positioning on the court had improved greatly. The whole carnival was won by Matthew Flinders who defeated Sunshine Coast Grammer 8 – 6 in the final.

The A team were very excited to finish seventh in their pool of ten winning three games against St Josephs Biloela,  Craigslea Anglican College and St Marys Primary School which beat the record of last years team. They also had some close contests with several other teams, coming away with narrow loses. There were some very good teams in the tournament and stopping them was very difficult.

The A team were more experienced and this year the rules allowed each team to include a boy on their team. Patrick McKenzie joined the A team and very quickly learned the game and became a great asset on the court shooting many great goals. Patrick was incredibly useful in feeding the ball into the circle.

Willow Hildreth who was also new to netball did a fantastic job as goal keeper along with Sophie Trevan in goal defence, who does not usually play in this position, but gained many intercepts stopping numerous goals. Maddy Roulston, Patrick and Jaylah very ably filled the shooting roles scoring many great goals. Olivia, Laura, Amelia and Shelby worked really hard in the middle of the court in both attack and defense often coming up against much taller players.

The B team of mostly Year 5 students fought courageously against much more experienced teams. They never gave up and continued to improve with each game. Tebony Owens and Chelsea Johnson never gave up looking for intercepts in the goal circle while working hard to stop as many shots as possible. Alex, Maddy, Chloe and Ebony had some tough battles with many taller players in the mid court but passed the ball on to Zara, Cassidy, Nicole and Racheal who took every opportunity to shoot goals at our end. This team did not manage to win a game but the improvement over the carnival was fantastic and they are all keen to continue playing netball.

Tegan Gisler, Hannah Johnson and Tenaia Owens were fantastic as coaches of the B team as well as umpiring both the A and B teams. The girls have trained the team after school for the past three months and we have all seen the great improvement that the girls have made in that time. The team is keen to continue playing netball and many will join a club team next year. We look forward to having Tegan, Hannah and Tenaia coach a team again next year and we would like to thank them for all their great work.

Hannah Johnson was also recognized as one of the outstanding umpires at the carnival and has been selected in the Umpire Development Program with Netball Queensland. This is a great opportunity for Hannah and we look forward to seeing her progress as an umpire.

Claudine Daunt and Cathie Trevan were the coach and manager of the A team. They have worked hard getting their team fit and ready for the competition. The speed at which the ball travelled down the court reflected the work done prior to the carnival, the teams tenacity in defense was also amazing. Cathie worked hard to source new uniforms this year and handled all the paper work required to take the teams away to the competition.

June Chidgey also did a fantastic job as manager of the B team ensuring they were always encouraged and ready to play.

Most of the team members will be illegible to represent GCCC at this carnival again next year.

The parent support for both teams was awesome, helping to keep the team positive and applauding great efforts and fast movement around the court.

I would like to thank to all the parents involved for their support and encouragement, and well done to the students, GCCC is proud of you all.

 Wendy Stott

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