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Teaching and Taming Technology

  • May 8, 2013

I’m sure you’ve read many an article before where some ‘computer guy/girl’ bamboozles you with their big words and fancy gadgets. I’m not here today to confuse you or tell you how you should be parenting your child. My goal in this article, and those that follow is simply to make your life with household technology – bearable, if not enjoyable. Here we go,

  • Tip 1) Designate a charging station

This is a great one for a few reasons. First of all, it gets the iPads out of the children’s rooms at night time. This means that if something goes off during the night it’s not going to wake them up. It also stops the temptation of checking Facebook or other such services that would keep them up at night. By designating a particular charging spot in the house (I recommend the kitchen), it means that the iPad stays a ‘public’ device rather than one that is used privately at nighttime in bedrooms.

  • Tip 2) Turn on the Parental Controls

There are some great tools that come with the iPad that empower parents to train their children in the correct use of these fantastic devices. One such tool is the parental controls setting – found in ‘general settings’. From these settings you can place a parental password on the device to do things like:

    • Turn messaging off or on
    • Disallow the deletion of apps
    • Disallow the installation of new apps
    • Restrict podcast ratings 
    • Turn on or off in-app purchasing
    • Restrict access to particular apps

Rather than re-invent the wheel, here is a link to find out how to use this handy tool – http://bit.ly/ipadparentalcontrol.

Hopefully those tips can help you rest a little easier when it comes to having iPads in the house. As a teacher, I am convinced of their worth in the classroom, and with a bit of training and patience I know they can become an asset to your home.

Brad Evans

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