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Teachers play students at touch football

  • December 1, 2020

Teachers play students at touch football

After a year of limited sports opportunities, the Primary teachers challenged the Year 6 students for a game of touch football. There were over 35 students keen to take on the teachers so several short games were played. 

The teachers were strong and disciplined on defence and even managed to outrun and out move the students on attack in most games. Mrs Fraser, Mr Cooper, Mr Bennett and Mr Ford all showed their speed and scored runaway tries, some from intercepts! 

The students played really well and often were too tricky and agile for the teachers to tag and they scored several great tries. Mr Bullock has his eyes on several players for his Year 7 touch teams.

For the record, the teachers remained on top winning each game but the students were tough opposition. Everyone had a great time playing and fantastic sportsmanship was on display.

The games attracted a huge crowd on the Eastern Oval and excitement was high with cheers and applause given for outstanding play. What a great way to finish the year!

Wendy Stott

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