Sunshine Plaza Music and Dance Competition & Dance Workshops - Glasshouse Christian College

Sunshine Plaza Music and Dance Competition & Dance Workshops

  • June 7, 2017

Thank you to those of you who voted for our Music and Dance students last week in the Sunshine Plaza music and dance competition.
We are happy to announce that the Senior Dance team made it into the finals! Unfortunately Julian Munyard missed out on a finals spot this year, but his performance in the heats was amazing. The videos are up on the Sunshine Plaza Breakthru website if you would like to watch them or find the links below.

The Dance Team:

Julian’s Performance:

This Saturday our senior dancers will be competing in the Breakthru Finals at Sunshine Plaza. They will be dancing on the Riverwalk stage near the food court at 1:30pm. So if you’re free, come along and support our dancers.

Some of the Senior Dance students were treated to a live performance, Commercial Jazz workshop and careers talk with some of the dancers from Raw Dance Company in Brisbane. It was a great experience for the students to learn from people who are currently working within the Dance industry.

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