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Sunshine Coast Christian Schools

  • March 14, 2018

Sunshine Coast Christian Schools

The Sunshine Coast has a reputation as a Bible belt and there are many Sunshine Coast Christian Schools. So how do you choose which one is the right one for your child?

Glasshouse Christian College is a Prep to Year 12 school in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland which has a strong pastoral care focus with four College Pastors, a Head of Christian Studies and a (part time) Christian Psychologist.

Glasshouse Christian College Pastors have a robust emphasis on enriching the students to help them realise their full potential in Jesus Christ. There is a strategic and inclusive concentration on Chapels, Bible studies, praise music groups, empowering and nurturing groups as well as quiet, one-on-one time for students wanting someone to talk with.

GCC is one of the most affordable Sunshine Coast Christian Schools

Glasshouse Christian College teachers and support staff model and encourage Christian values and lifestyles and the school is known for its community mindset where these values are put into action. Students visit local nursing homes, retirement villages and differently abled centres to perform or just to sit down and chat with the residents. It is also a tradition for the Hospitality students to make gingerbread houses at Christmas time and deliver them to locals using the ‘blessing bus’.

During the ‘Clean up Australia’ campaign, senior students go into the local community collecting trash from the creeks and parks and many students are involved in extracurricular activities like soup kitchens and youth groups. As part of our curriculum, students have begun projects to help provide pyjamas for disadvantaged children living rough, researched ways to reduce disease in koalas and instigated programs to combat the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome, and other fascinating projects.

There are many Sunshine Coast Christian schools, so ensure you consider Glasshouse Christian College in your decision making process. Short waiting lists apply across many year levels but you can book a personalised school tour at a time that suits you.


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