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Study skills and preparing for exams

  • August 20, 2020

Study skills and preparing for exams

Learning how to effectively study is an important skill and is certainly an essential part of exam preparation. It is more than a habit developed just the week before an exam, requiring practice and the implementation of skills learned throughout high school. Study skill sessions focus on a number of key strategies that can improve students’ ability to understand and retain concepts and specific information in readiness for an exam or to extend learning for life. These habits and strategies when regularly applied lead to steady growth in learning capacity and memory recall. Some of the main strategies include:

·    Approaching study with the right attitude
·    Choosing the right environment
·    Minimising distractions
·    Setting a realistic schedule
·    Using memory games – mnemonic devices to assist information retrieval
·    Studying on your own or with a committed study buddy.

A number of resources are available from the College Library to assist students to better prepare for forthcoming exams including a selection of books on display in the information section of the Secondary Library. Some recommendations from Mrs Morris that are available for loan include:

StudyVibe is a highly recommended web-based resource for students in their senior years of schooling. Access the StudyVibe resources via the hyperlink in this article or via Gateway on the  Secondary Library page.

StudyVibe, an Australian educational website presents a range of excellent resources to assist students to prepare for exams. The website also contains resources aimed at improving students’ skills and approach to assignment tasks. Students are encouraged to explore this extensive resource and to try out different strategies as they prepare for exams and finalise assignments. The Study Toolbox and Foundations of Study modules contain useful information relevant to all students keen to improve their approach to study and impact their success in senior schooling.

In particular, the Focus on Exams section has some timely advice and practical suggestions for students currently preparing for examinations. Balancing study with some time to relax is an important strategy to enhance memory recall and to build the capacity to learn more effectively. Working toward the goal of exam success takes time and effort but with the right approach to study and the use of effective strategies together with the encouragement of a good support group our students will have the best chance of success.

Beryl Morris, Secondary Teacher Librarian

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