Student Council 2013 - Glasshouse Christian College

Student Council 2013

  • November 14, 2013

At the final Student Council meeting for 2013, Riley Williamson and Jacqueline Newell (College Captains) handed the torch of democracy to the future leaders of Glasshouse Christian College.

In his final act as Student Council Leader, Riley made this speech:

“This student council, the first council of its kind at GCCC, has spanned all grades in the Secondary school. We have endeavored to displace the notion of: a “Year 12 Council” or a “Senior School Council”, or even a “Middle School Council” and have replaced this philosophy with a “School Council”, one that was started by the students and will remain in place for the students.

Though our achievements have not been as publicised as we would have liked, we have blazed a trail for the years to come and all of those students at GCCC who feel the need to voice their concern or the concerns of others.

Every issue discussed at the council has received a direct line to the Principal – this is unparalleled representation. We have done a great job.

A Student Council is, at its most effective when everyone’s voice is heard – especially when people disagree! This council has become a hotspot of discussion, deliberation, argument and debate, but most importantly, it has been a council full of decisions.

A great man once said, “decisions are made by those who show up!”

(To the Council members) You have all had a hand in shaping this College, the same way it has been done over the past ten years – block-by-block, hand-by-hand. I would like to thank you all, on behalf of the school for continuing to turn up, continuing to add your say and continuing to be a part of something much larger than yourself, much larger than all of us!”

During 2013, the Student Council achieved changes to the location of student lockers, promoted the introduction of the cover/ shelter over the lockers and had speakers introduced into the main under-cover area of the College. Most importantly the College gave students a voice in regards to the creation of culture at GCCC. Thank you to Mr. Curtis, the College Captains and the inaugural Student Council members. We look forward to seeing all the Council can achieve in 2014!

Miss Amanda Gook

Teacher Representative

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