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Strong Winds, Deep Roots

  • August 19, 2021

Strong Winds, Deep Roots

Winter usually brings a few days of strong winds. They’re not pleasant, they make it feel colder than the real time temperatures, clothing develops static electricity and there is a mess on the roads and in gardens from fallen branches and garden debris. However, wind is necessary in nature. Several years ago, scientists created a biodome and what they noticed is that when trees grew to a certain height they toppled over. They had the perfect climate with the right temperature, air, water and light but what they were missing was wind and also variations in times of drier periods etc. A less than perfect environment ensures deeper roots resulting in stronger, healthier trees. There is a lesson in this. We know that character is built through experiences like sometimes losing, having to be responsible for getting jobs done and living with the consequences when they’re not, doing things that are uncomfortable but that need to be done, to name a few. When the roots grow deep, greater challenges can be faced and endured. The tree becomes larger and more generously sized and, as well, able to share its shade to those who need it.

Middle School students are in a time where, as a general rule, they face a lot of windy times. Well done to our Year 7s, they are smooth sailing in this latter part of the year. Our Year 8s are considering leadership as the Middle School ‘seniors’ next year; and the Year 9 students are making decisions about their Senior School pathways and subject choices for Year 10 and beyond.

Earlier this term, as we do at the start of each term, students are recognised with a certificate based on their report grades. The two categories are Academic for receiving As in half or more of the subjects they studied and Diligence for receiving Very Good for the Effort grade in all or all but one of the subjects they studied. The students who receive these certificates are not always the naturally talented academic students but often those who persist and work consistently and some of them face adverse circumstances.

There are a few extra-curricular activities coming up soon, these are woven into the fabric of the year and they reflect, celebrate and recognise students’ gifts and the value of learning.  They are:

  • Book Week – Middle School students are allowed to dress up as a book character on Tuesday. It’s important they follow the Uniform policy for Casual Dress rules when they consider their outfit. (Here is the link to the Uniform policy). On Thursday of next week, each Middle School class will have a time to ‘Relax and Read’  in the Library and will enjoy a hot chocolate. Reading for pleasure and with a student’s own choice is one of the most important academic activities they can engage in to further their academic ability.

  • Lip Sync Battle – on Tuesday, Period 4, Middle and Senior students will battle out the Legacy Cup LipSync items. Due to the recent lockdown and restrictions, these assemblies have been moved around so they are now on the same day. Any student who has not taken the opportunity to dress up in character for the preceding Book Week Assembly, will need to wear their house shirts on Tuesday (with their sports uniform).

Thankfully, wind and other storms don’t last too long. Together we weather these and wait for the sun to shine again. 

Jacq Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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