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Starlab Planetarium Visit

  • June 5, 2013

On the 30 of May 2013, our class went to the Starlab Planetarium. It was an awesome experience! We learnt that Earth is slightly tilted on its axis, which is why we have different seasons. We also learnt that Saturn’s rings are made of ice and may have once been one of Saturn’s moons. Finally, we discovered that the distance from Earth to the Sun is 150 million kilometres and that this distance is one Astronomical Unit in Space Science lingo! We had a great time.

By Willow Hildreth 5M

On Thursday, 30 of May 2013, Year 5M went on a spectacular Starlab incursion. We looked at all the planets in our solar system up close as they were projected up onto the roof of a blow up dome.  We learnt all about black holes and how the Sun orbits the Sun. My favourite part was watching everything move and making us feel like we were flying out in space. I think that all of Year 5 would like to thank Mr Paul who was running the Starlab for such an incredible show!

By Faith Angus 5M

On Thursday, 30 of May 2013, Year 5G visited the Starlab Planetarium. It was heaps of fun and it felt like it was 3D! The best part was when we travelled out to look at the other galaxies. I was surprised to find out that we live in just one of many galaxies. Space is MASSIVE! Space Scientists even have their own measurement called an Astronomical Unit (AU) which is 150 000 000 kilometres. One Astronomical Unit is the distance from the Sun to the Earth. It was astronomical fun!

By Amelia King 5G

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