Sports Reports for Term 3 - Glasshouse Christian College

Sports Reports for Term 3

  • September 18, 2013


The GCCC volleyball teams have had a great time competing against Caloundra Christian College and Caloundra City Private School. There have been huge improvements across all players throughout the term, with our school giving the others some pretty tough competition. Each week our teams played about five matches and on average won most of them, which is a fantastic achievement. The most valuable player is Kyle Bullard and the Team spirit award goes to Otto Coulstock.

Stacey Whyte


Indoor Cricket

This term, we had three teams compete each week against CCP and CCC. The students seemed to enjoy this fast-paced version of cricket and not only grew in the knowledge of the game, but also their enthusiasm and skill level. There were many students who went from ‘chucking’ to technically accurate ‘bowling’ over the course of the term.

GCCC had highly regular wins, with accurate bowling, and strong batting displays (students had great joy in trying to hit the ‘maximum’ of seven runs. Standout performers for the various cricket disciplines were Max Williamson (bowling), Cameron Kennedy (fielding) and Amalee McClellan (batting).

Cameron Hall


Touch Football

The Touch Football girls played exceptionally well this term, resulting in an undefeated record! Our average scores against the other teams were six – nil! The girls continually worked on improving their skills, which almost made them untouchable for the opposition during the last couple of weeks. Tash Hoeksema showed her skills off throughout the term, making impressive improvements with her rucking skills, her speed and her quick ball play. Tenaia Owens also demonstrated impressive attacking plays, looking for space and weaving her way to the try line on numerous occasions! We couldn’t have done it without the encouraging spirit of Anika Randall who was always there to help out! Well done girls, you showed great sportsmanship and an eagerness to improve each week! Great term!

MVP: Natasha Hoeksema; Team Spirit: Anika Randell

Annaleise Bullock


Dragonboat Racing

GCCC took out Ist place after two convincing wins against CCC and CCP.

The CCC and CCP teams were no match for our perfect synchronization, brute strength and determination in the finals. Holly Dodwell and Anna Graham were the powerhouse of our team. Braedon Cooper provided the technical aspects of paddling, whilst Ramon Marrero set the team pace and rhythm from the front of the boat.  Congratulations must go to all members of our awesome dragonboat team.

MVP-   Braedon Cooper; Team Spirit- Ramon Marrero

Fenton Doolan



Tennis coaching in Term 3 was held at Landsborough Tennis Club. Throughout Term 3 students were taught the fundamental techniques and basics of tennis. Students engaged in meaningful activities designed to showcase a range of tennis techniques needed in match play scenarios. Students showed promise and enjoyed playing against their fellow mates in a term of sport that encouraged both their social and competitive development.

Ryan Fowler



During Term 3, the combined Year 8 and 9 AFL team ventured down to the Beerwah Sports Grounds to take on Caloundra Christian College and Caloundra City Private schools, both teams having a selection of senior students within their teams.

The GCCC team played well right from the start against CCC, beating them in every game but one. However, the bigger bodied players and skill of several Victorian bred AFL players in the Caloundra City Private team proved a difficult combination for the first few weeks.

Through perseverance, adaptability and some excellent team spirit, our boys got better every week. By mid way through the term we went from being ‘easy beats’, to ‘just losing’ to ‘just winning’ all games, and by the last week, winning comfortably.

The boys showed tenacity, courage and great teamwork, even playing for the other teams on occasions to balance numbers.  A special thanks to Matthew Wright; who showed excellent leadership as the Captain for the season.  By the end of the season, it was impossible to single out individual players as all contributed and played some excellent footy.

The MVP award this year is shared between three players: Lucas Tidy, James Proud and Tim White.  The most improved players for the season are Coen Oosen and Sam Olsen. Congratulations on great effort, boys!

Chris Warren


Surf Awareness

We had some fantastic beach going weather this term with warm sunny conditions making it easier to enter the water. Our Surf Awareness crew didn’t take a backward step when it came to practicing the many skills associated with the surf lifesaver. Students had many opportunities to improve on their stand up surfboard skills. The clean waves at Alexander Heads uncovered some real talent. Hannah and Xavier Bampton both proved to be skillful surfers whilst Jake Hoeksema, Caleb Brough, Megan Kennedy, Brianna Gallen and Holly Colvin also got to their feet regularly. Toby Glover was the fastest on the beach taking out the flags race. All students involved finished the term with an advanced understanding of rips, waves and rescue techniques as well as a greater confidence in the surf.

MVP – Hannah Bampton; Team Spirit  – Billie Sandes and Megan Kennedy

Matt Beattie


Girls Basketball

This term has been fun coaching the Year 8 and 9 Girls Basketball. The girls have had the opportunity to play against Caloundra Private and Caloundra Christian College. They displayed great skill and sportsmanship and should be congratulated on the way they represented Glasshouse Christian College. We all had lots of laughs and enjoyed getting to know each other better.

MVP – Moale James; Team Spirit – Hannah Johnson

Matt Ware


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