Sports Reports 13 February 2013 - Glasshouse Christian College

Sports Reports 13 February 2013

  • February 28, 2013


The Barramundi fishing group began our fishing season feeling slightly wetter than the fish did! The weather was wet but everyone was still keen to get some fishing done. So we braved the drizzle and tried our wet hands at some ‘Barra’ fishing.

Our current top fisherman is Elizabeth Gregory, who hooked the only fish of the day, and fought it all the way to the bank (screaming all the way). Unfortunately the fish managed to Houdini himself off the line before she was able to get him out of the water.
We are all keen for round two next week.

Touch Football

The GCCC boys played well and worked together as a team. Every boy contributed and was keen to make sure all had a run. We won all four games against Caloundra Christian College. Unfortunately CCPS didn’t show up.
Game 1 – GCCC (6) def CCC (0)
Game 2 – GCCC (3) def CCC (0)
Game 3 – GCCC (2) def CCC (0)
Game 4 – GCCC (4) def CCC (0)

All boys performed well but the best players and participants for the day were Lucas Tidy and Roarke Carter.


“For our Inter College Netball Competition, our A team demolished their competition with two resounding wins. We beat Caloundra City Private 10 to 5 and Caloundra Christian College 17 – 4. Our two outstanding players were Caitlyn Smith and Shannon Howard who defended the goal circle outstandingly, getting every single rebound and many intercepts. Well done girls “AWESOME WORK”

The netball B team went in hard with lots of energy and enthusiasm! There were players leaping, flying and shooting exceptionally! Lani Kombanie made numerous impressive intercepts to keep the opposition out of possession, giving us many opportunities to shoot! Emily had her game face on and made some great shots, ensuring we had a solid lead for the whole game. Well-done girls. Two wins is an awesome start to the season!


The girls scored a goal in each game but finished in a narrow loss. While the boys were also beaten the boys turned a 6 – 1 half time score into a 7 – 4 full time score, technically taking the second half 3 goals to 1. Everyone is looking forward to getting into next week with a better understanding of what to expect and what driveway leads to the correct venue.

Students had a fun afternoon playing badminton. For many students it was their first time playing and many were bursting with enthusiasm to get out on the court. Our two best players for the afternoon were Shannon Willcock and Abbey Brockhurst.


Well the boys basketball started last Wednesday with a sense of excitement and trepidation. With only a couple of hours practice, the boys went on court facing a well trained opposing team.

The first game was tough and the boys did not give up but unfortunately went down 28 – 8. However, the score would have been closer had the all the boys shots gone in.

The second game was against an up and coming team. Our boys put the first lost behind team, pulled together and came away with a win 16 – 10.

All boys should be proud of their efforts and the way they supported each other. James Proud and Lachlan McCraig were outstanding with their shooting and setting up the plays.

Matt Beattie, Head of Sports
Due to the wet weather at most of these events, there are no photos.

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