Sports Awards Night - Glasshouse Christian College

Sports Awards Night

  • November 6, 2013

The world’s fastest bowler of all time Jeff Thomson was our special guest at our College’s Sports Award’s Night. Mr Thompson presented medals and trophies to GCCC young sportsmen and women and then spent some time telling the students about some of his experiences as an elite cricketer, before Matthew Beattie interviewed him.

Approximately 300 people attended the evening which began with a variety of cheese and fruit platters and a chance for all the College families to talk and catch up with each other.

The evening saw Age Champions for Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics receive a trophy for their efforts. Ararat won the Swimming House award, Cross Country House award and overall House Award, While Zion won the Athletics House Award and House Spirit Award.

Students receive points throughout the year for Age Champion and when they represent the College at Inter-School Sport. Points increase in value for Districts, Regional, State and National School Sports’ events. When enough points are scored students are awarded with a bronze, silver or gold medal. These medals are hard to obtain and athletes need to represent the College in numerous sports, with most of the Gold recipients attending State events. The following students received a gold or silver medal:

Primary Silver: Cassidy Ferris, Emily Roach, Sophie Trevan, Laura Vobr, Tara Fissenden, Dylan Myers, Beau Howard, Nicholas Dwan.

Primary Gold: Amity Roser

Secondary Silver: Natasha Hoeksema, Jacqueline Roach, Cameron Shervey, Jack Fissenden, Lucas Tidy, Nichola Bates, Jesse Snelling, Rebekah White.

Secondary Gold: Ryan Sauer, Ella Mickelson, Andrea Little, Abbey Bates

The Sportsman and Sportswoman of the year calculations were very close in Primary and Secondary. Runners up for Primary Sportsman and woman of the Year were Dylan Myers and there was a tie between Tarra Fissenden and Cassidy Ferris. Secondary runners up were Cameron Shervey and Andrea Little.

After many checks and calculations the title of Primary Sportsman of the year was awarded to Beau Howard and Amity Roser was awarded Sportswoman of the year. The title of Secondary Sportsman of the year went to Ryan Sauer and the Secondary Sportswoman of the year was awarded to Ella Mickelson.

Congratulation goes out to all the students that received awards this year and we look forward to another great year working with our talented GCCC students


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