Shakespeare's invitation to GCC's 2023 Open Day - Glasshouse Christian College

Shakespeare’s invitation to GCC’s 2023 Open Day

  • March 16, 2023

Shakespeare’s invitation to GCC’s 2023 Open Day

Hark! What news I bring, fair citizens of Sunshine Coast,
GCC’s Open Day doth approacheth, and it shall be grand indeed,
Not just for newcomers, but for all who partake and boast,
Of being part of the finest private school, we doth believe.

2022’s torrential rain was rare for May.

This year, aye, there be four ways that make it different,
Firstly, no torrential rain shall dampen our joy and delight,
For though it may be rarer than a blue moon or flying pigs,
We shall revel in the warmth of sunshine, that doth shine bright.

No election shall cause disturbance, as happened in days gone by,
For we have it on good authority that none shall resign,
And those who would have left their homes to vote,
May come hither and partake of our celebrations divine.

And lo, there shall be no lockdown, we doth proclaim,
For we are certain all have had enough of such dreary times,
And so we invite all, to come and be merry without blame,
And join us in our festivities, and hear our school’s chimes.

A royal wedding in 2018 was no competition for GCC’s Open Day

There shall be no royal wedding, as there was in days of yore,
Though the sun shone bright, and a bumper crowd did appear,
Yet we shall have our own festivities and offer much more,
For our Open Day promises to be a spectacle without peer.

GCC’s Open Day is not just for parents and newcomers,
But for all who would explore and learn of our school’s great ways,
Our doors are open wide, on a Saturday when free time honours,
And we invite all to come, and partake in our bright displays.

Visitors shall enjoy tours led by students, and rides on trains,
A jumping castle and an animal farm, shall delight young and old,
Our facilities and resources, shall be showcased with great pains,
Designed to support students’ growth and learning, manifold.

Sunshine Coast school Open Days
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Delicious food and beverages shall be served from food trucks and vans,
And visitors shall meet other parents and families with delight,
They may tour our offsite Agricultural Science Farm in our vans,
And take in the sights and sounds of our school, ever so bright.

Indoor events too, shall showcase our talented students’ skills,
Dance and drama performances, and cooking demos shall abound,
And visitors shall get a glimpse of our academic and extracurricular thrills,
And learn how our holistic education, helps students’ growth and sound.

Dance performances in GPAC will be a highlight.

Our teachers and staff, tirelessly work to provide a safe and nurturing space,
Where students can learn and thrive, and their needs be well met,
Their passion and commitment, reflected in their loving embrace,
Of each student, and their desire to help them excel and never forget.

A strong sense of community, doth thrive within our school’s walls,
And open communication, fosters trust and relationships strong,
Parents are encouraged to be involved, and hear each other’s calls,
And be part of their child’s education, all the day long.

Audiences will be wowed by GCC students’ talent.

GCC provides a range of extracurricular activities to cater,
To students’ interests and talents, and help them grow and thrive,
Music, sports, drama, and community service, to name a few that matter,
And visitors shall learn how they contribute to our students’ lives.

In sum, our Open Day promises to be a grand affair,
A glimpse into our values, culture, and educational prowess,
We invite all to come and see, to learn and to compare,
And to know that a Glasshouse Christian College education, is the best.

So, mark thy calendars, fair citizens, for the twentieth day of May,
And come hither to our school, and join us in our cheer,
Thou shalt not be disappointed, we doth promise and say,
If you honour us with your presence on Open Day.

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