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Sensory Movie Day

  • September 13, 2017

This month the Sensory Movie Day is featuring Captain Underpants which is on this Sunday 17 September. For this movie all tickets are only $6 each!

There are a few changes being made to Sensory Movie Day as Event Cinemas now have a large number of cinemas involved. Some of these changes are being implemented for Sunday. Tickets to Sensory Movie Day are now available to purchase online as well as at the cinema. There is no allocated seating.

For those who need to avoid crowds and if you are attending this Sunday it is suggested to pre purchase your tickets as this is the first movie day during school holidays so it is sure to be busy.

Sensory Movie Day is an INCLUSIVE event for Families with Special Needs.
Children are free to try every seat, flap or stim.
Lights are left on dim. Volume is reduced.
Volunteers monitor all Exits.
This movie is a positive non-judgemental experience.
Siblings, family members and friends are welcome to attend.

Tickets are $6 each.
Companion ID cards are accepted.
Children under two are free.
Membership cards are required to purchase tickets.
I am in the foyer from 10:30am.
Come along and support our event.

Kind Regards

Kristy Bignell, Co-Ordinator
Sensory Movie Day Sunshine Coast

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