Sensational Sensation Day - Glasshouse Christian College

Sensational Sensation Day

  • June 5, 2013
“Sensational Day”, held on Friday 24 May, was the culminating activity of our unit learning about the senses. God has given us five senses to enjoy the world, learn about the world and for us to stay safe.

Each Prep class was divided into two groups so that six activities were rotated through. These groups participated in different hands-on activities designed to highlight our use of the senses. The activities were a tactile walk, making pancakes, creating a collage and a sound shaker, making a coloured ‘sand’(salt) bottle and recording sound effects for a funny story, ‘The Yukadoos’.

The children behaved so well and had a wonderful day. Our sincere thanks to all the incredible volunteers who assisted us to hold such a great time.

Lin Smith
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