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Senior Science

  • June 22, 2022

Senior Science

The science skills students learn at Glasshouse Christian College reach well beyond the class in preparation for the real world.

In Senior Physics, students in Year 10 to Year 12 have been exploring the wide array of implications of the laws developed by Emil Lenz and Michael Faraday. The students have now completed their Electromagnetism unit extrapolating the applications of the laws to electric motors, magnetic levitation, wireless charging, and Tesla motors.

Whilst for some understanding how electric and magnetic fields are created, related, and impact each other was easy, for others, the tasks have been more challenging, just ask them to explain the right-hand rule and you’ll see.

Students next term will embark on their final topic of Quantum Theory before beginning final preparations for their final exams. And just like the wave-particle duality of light, the physics classes are both simultaneously anxious and excited to see their year out as they cross these final hurdles in preparation for life beyond the classroom.

Steve Libby, Secondary Teacher

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