Senior School News 9 October 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Senior School News 9 October 2015

  • October 7, 2015

Senior School News 9 October 2015

Attitude not Ability determines destiny

The Final Term – It’s going to get busy!   

Welcome back to the final term for 2015.  As you are reading this there has already been a week gone by.  On Thursday we had our usual Week 1 hair inspection day.  Please check with your child to see if they were asked to get their hair or any other part of their uniform fixed up.  Students who were handed a note on Thursday were told they have until Monday to get their haircut.  If their hair is not acceptable on Monday then they are asked to stay home until it is corrected, take the day to work in the Responsible Thinking Classroom or go to Beerwah barbers and get it cut.  Students are reminded that ties for boys are no longer compulsory and shirts no longer need to be tucked in.  Please ensure that your child has the correct footwear though.  Even if shoes fall apart in the last few weeks of term, it is important for our students to have safe footwear that meets our uniform guidelines.  Hats in particular, will  be checked this term.  Students must wear their formal hat with formal uniform and sports hat with sports uniform.

Year 11 Camps

The quote above comes from Emu Gully Adventure camps which led our Year 11 Leadership training camp in the final week of Term 3.  It was an amazing camp and the students grew through various ordeals and challenges as well as some great team building activities.  Overall, I would say this was one of our most successful camps ever, largely in part to the attitude of the students who went. There were some great activities including skirmish which saw certain staff in the firing line.  I have to be honest and admit that initially when I chose skirmish as an activity, the thought of shooting a few students was certainly very appealing. In my excitement I forgot that the thought of shooting me must have been quite appealing to some students too.  I couldn’t understand why there was a call to “Go for Orange” when we only had a red team versus a yellow team and the flag we had to capture was blue.  Needless to say, I seemed to get trapped in a hail of yellow pellets from all sides! The bruises are slowly healing too.

Many Year 11s also went on the Fiji Mission trip.  I spoke with Chris Warren when the team got back and was pleased to hear how successful this trip was as well.  I thought the 2014 Fiji trip which Chris and I attended was good but Chris advised me that this one was even better!

Awards Night –  Tuesday, 3 November

This evening is one of the few compulsory events outside of school hours.  All secondary students are expected to attend.  The night is not only about handing out awards but is also a celebration of the year. It is a fantastic opportunity to build community.  Please ensure your child is able to attend.  Parents and families are also welcome to attend.  If travel is an issue then ask your son/daughter to see me and I will see if we can support you through car sharing or other means to ensure they get there.

Year 11 Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program (RYDA)- Tuesday, 13 October

Following on from the highly successful RACQ presentation last term, the Year 11s will be travelling to Corbould Park for the RYDA program.  This is a fantastic driver education program which will help them to consider carefully the privilege that driving is and the responsibilities that come with receiving a license.  Most schools only send those who can afford this program however we believe that it is so important that the cost of this is covered entirely by the College.

Glasshouse Christian College Talent Night (TNT) – 15 October

This term we will be holding our first Talent Night.  This will be a fun evening and will showcase some of the great talent that our students have.  

There are lots of other events in the calendar so keep an eye open for these and come along and support our students. This term is going to go so fast!

David Heyworth, Head of Senior School

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