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Senior School News 2 April 2015

  • March 31, 2015

Senior School News 2 April 2015

End of Term 1

It is with almost a sigh of relief that we enter into the Easter holidays.  It’s been a very busy term and the culmination this week of exams, marking and reporting certainly made things tough.  The picture above shows almost all our Year 11 and Year 12 doing one of their Maths exams.

In the Senior School, it is our policy to work through right until the end of term.  Our exam block for Year 11 and 12 always finishes on the Tuesday of the final week of term.  We then have just two days for students to review their results and check through the papers to ensure that they understand the mistakes they may have made.  This is a very important learning activity.  If students do not learn from their mistakes then they are just as likely to make the same or similar mistakes in future.  It is therefore imperative not to book early holidays where possible and ensure students are at school right until the last day of school.

Islander Day

It was fantastic to see so many students supporting this fund raising activity.  All students in Secondary were given the opportunity to wear something that  would show their support of our Pacific Island communities.  The money was originally earmarked for our Mission Trip to Fiji that will be occurring in the September school Holidays.  Instead, after we saw the devastation in Vanuatu from cyclone Pam, we decided the money raised should go to help these people.  Over $500 was raised on the day.

Coming up next term:

Week 1 –

Year 10 Work Experience

Week 1 of next term, the Year 10 students will be doing work experience.  Rarely students forget these important events and turn up for school.  Any student who does this will need to go home as there will not be any Year 10 classes happening.

ANZAC Day March – 25 April

We have a very proud tradition of participating in our local Beerwah ANZAC Day march and service at Beerwah. Whilst it is not compulsory to attend, it is a fantastic thing for our students to demonstrate their respect and gratitude to our veterans in this way.

The students will have to arrive by 9.10am at the corner of Mawhiney and Free Streets, Beerwah. Students are expected to wear full formal uniform including blazers.

Week 2 –

Parent Teacher Interviews – 29 & 30 April

With your reports this week, you will receive a letter detailing how to book a parent teacher interview that are scheduled for Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 April.  In most situations, I encourage you to involve your child at these interviews so they can hear first-hand ways in which they can work at improving in their work. If you or a teacher  wishes to discuss something of a confidential matter then the student can be excused for a short time to allow this to happen.

Cross Country Carnival – 30 April

This will be happening on Thursday 30 April.  All students should now have a House Shirt for this event. This event will not go all day but students will be expected to wear

Week 3 –

Study Skills Seminars – 4 May

Earlier this term we had our Senior Students take part in a study skills program with our partners, Elevate Education.  In Week 3, they will be returning to do a second session with our students.  In the evening there will be another opportunity to listen to one of their presenters. The feedback I received the last time he spoke to our parents was outstanding.  Please place this date in your diary and try to come along.

I trust you have a wonderful Easter Break with your family.  If you get a chance, check out this amazing music video that tells the story of Easter:

David Heyworth, Head of Senior School

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