Senior School News 26 May 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Senior School News 26 May 2014

  • May 27, 2014

Senior School News 26 May 2014

Our College mission statement is

The College seeks to work together with parents and will endeavour to provide the human and practical resources, the environment, the encouragement and the opportunities to develop the gifts and talents God has given their children so that they may respond to and fulfil the call of God in their lives.

We want to work together with you so it is vital we are connected and that there is a high degree of communication between us. Working together also acknowledges that we both need to do the hard yards!  Parenting and teaching are not simple tasks but both are so much simpler when we work together.  Working together is not just talking either but requires us staying connected in many different ways.  I want to remind you of two of the many ways we can stay connected.

The school has a number of online tools that you can take advantage of. Try going to the schools Learning Management System, Connect.  The link is above or you can access it from our website at My GCCC.  You can view any Senior School subject without any passwords.  Just log in as a guest when requested to.

On the GCCC Connect website you will find assessment planners on the front page along with links to classes and handbooks.

This is a relatively new and dynamic technology for our staff and so please be patient if you find links that don’t work.  Staff are constantly working on the virtual classrooms and adding links for students to access resources to enhance their learning.  If you find a link that isn’t working then please let either myself or the teacher concerned know so we can correct this.

Another useful way to stay connected is to use the student and parent portals into our College Student Management Database.  At the moment the student portal is open and active and the parent portal will be released very shortly.  The link to the family portal can also be accessed through our College website at My GCCC.  Once connected, you will have access to personal details as well as academic reports, absence reports, merit and demerit reports, timetables and lots more. All students have been shown how to gain access to this information and should be able to show you too.

Coming up in the next couple of weeks:

1. 3 June: Year 10 “Shape your Destiny” Workshop. Darren Pereira from Success Integrated, a Melbourne based speaker will be talking to Year 10s about choosing a career pathway that matches their God given talents.

2. 3 June: Year 11/12 Study Skills presentation. Darren will follow on from the Year 10 presentation and work with the Year 11/12 students to assist them with tools and strategies to make them better learners.

3. 6,7 June – Fame the musical.  Have you booked your tickets yet?

4. 13 June: Year 12 Identifying a defective motor vehicle workshop.  This workshop is being put on by the RACQ.


We need your help to ensure students are wearing the correct uniform.  Please make sure that when your child leaves home they are dressed according to our uniform policy.

Below are common issues and students who infringe these rules will be issued demerits:

1. All students need a College hat.  Demerits are issued for those who do not wear one at school during breaks.

2. Sports uniform is only to be worn when students have sport on that day. No Senior students should be wearing their sport uniform more than two days a week.

3. This term and next term, as part of their formal uniform, boys must tuck in their shirts and wear a tie and a black leather belt.

4. For girls, plain gold or silver sleepers or studs are permitted, one per ear in the lower earlobe.

5. No necklaces, bracelets or anklets are permitted.

6. – Make up is NOT permitted at the College. Nail polish, false nails and French manicures are also NOT permitted.

David Heyworth, Head of Senior School

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