Senior School News 26 July 2013 - Glasshouse Christian College

Senior School News 26 July 2013

  • July 25, 2013
The Right Attitude
On day two of the Ashes first test, Ashton Agar, a 19 year old teenager from Melbourne, created cricket history.  A few minutes before midday Agar found himself as the last man walking to the crease with Australia having lost five wickets for nine runs in 31 balls. At 117 for nine they were facing not just a considerable first-innings deficit but defeat in the first Test.
Two hours and 14 minutes later Ashton was out for 98 runs. Ashton Agar had created history.
In interviews after the game, Ashton Agar declined every opportunity to admit disappointment at his failure to become the first Test match No 11 to record a hundred runs. Ashton’s positive attitude was so clearly evident, he won the respect of both Australia and England audiences.  Our young people need more sporting celebrities like Agar to model the type of attitude we are endeavouring to instil.
Of equal significance was Ashton’s parents who were cheering him on from the sidelines.  After the game, Ashton was interviewed by Jim Maxwell.  He was asked, “What did it mean to have your family here to support you for this?” Ashton’s response was “Oh everything. Absolutely everything. I kept looking over at them and they’re, you know, constantly cheering me. So it’s good to know I’ve got that solid support.”
Our young people are involved in a whole range of challenging experiences every day as they complete their studies and mature into young adults.  We need to be encouraging our young people to develop the right attitude throughout all these challenges.  The Bible describes the Christian life as like a marathon.  We must remember that as parents we have a vital role.  We need to let them do their best and not interfere in their game, but we need to be standing on the side lines and guiding and cheering them on – so that they know they have our constant support, love and prayers.

Athletics Carnival
Friday, 27 July, GCCC held its Athletics Carnival for Senior and Middle Schools.   It was an inter-house competition and therefore each house needed full participation from house members to win.  There are a large number of events that all students were expected to participate in as well.  Thanks to all the parents who joined us for the carnival and to support their children. At the time of writing this, the event had not taken place so the results will be published next newsletter.
Assignment Policy
The College has reviewed the policy on assignments and I have spoken to all students on Assembly about our expectations.  Assignments must be submitted by the due date in two formats – an electronic copy through the College Moodle site as well as a hard copy.  If the due date cannot be met for some valid reason then an extension can be applied for through the Head of Teaching and Learning Quality, Ms Power.  Otherwise, students who fail to meet the due date will be kept out of class and required to do the work then.  An after school detention will also be given as a consequence.
David Heyworth, Head of Senior School
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