Senior School News 16 September 2016 - Glasshouse Christian College

Senior School News 16 September 2016

  • September 14, 2016

Senior School News 16 September 2016

The end of Term 3 is always exceptionally busy. This week saw the culmination of our Senior Block Exams. At Glasshouse we like to set aside as much time as possible for teaching the curriculum and hence we run our exams right into the last week of term. This puts quite a bit of pressure on staff as they must mark exams and complete submissions to district review panels by the end of term. The last few days of term are also very important for students as in most cases, staff are able to hand back exams to students so they can check their working and reflect on their mistakes. This process is a fantastic learning strategy as students “learn from their mistakes”.

For Year 12s, teachers and Heads of Departments must compile their work for the entire year and prepare submissions for District Review Panels. This process is part of the method used by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority to determine students final OPs and Tertiary Ranks. We then break for holidays!

The last week of term is therefore an important week for students to be present. Hence we actively discourage parents from taking students out of school early for holidays etc. Likewise the College understands that due to unusual circumstances this cannot be avoided and we work as close as possible with you to minimise the disruption to the students learning and assessment.

There are a number of other activities happening as well. On Wednesday our Fiji Mission team left to work in the schools and villages around the region of Lautoka. The students and staff attending have worked all year in preparation for this event. The trip will have a huge impact on the students going as they witness first hand God’s amazing provision and the incredible way we are blessed by living in Australia. I am certain that just as they go to bless the people of Fiji, each will get their own special blessing from God.

Travelling this week are our Year 12 Agricultural Science students have gone out West visiting farms along the way. They are getting some fantastic real world examples of different farms and farming techniques.

Coming up next term:

Year 11 RYDA – Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program

On Tuesday 11 October, all Year 11 students will be attending the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program held at Corbould Park at Caloundra. This is a fantastic program that encourages students to think very carefully about the responsibilities involved in driving. It is not a driving program.  Students are taken through a variety of sessions that look at such things as the impact an accident has on individuals, families and communities, the effect speed has on stopping distances and ensuring you always have a Plan B to get home. The program goes all day and is fully funded. The College fully supports this initiative to try and keep our young people safe on the roads.

Hair Day

Early next term we will have an inspection of uniforms focussing mainly on hair.  It is quite likely that your child will need a haircut over the holidays and I request that you ensure it meets our uniform guidelines:

  • Hair must be worn off the face and clear of the eyes
  • Hair should be clean, tidy and styled in a way that does not draw undue attention to the student
  • No unusual lines or tracks or sharp changes in length are permitted. Hair layers must be blended
  • The minimum hair length is a number two crew cut
  • Hair must be a natural hair colour

Boys who choose to shave the sides of their head yet have long hair on top will not be allowed to attend classes until this is corrected.

Awards Night

Please mark the Awards Night date into your calendars.

Tuesday 8 October

Awards Night is a wonderful celebration of the year.  We do not focus on those who have achieved academic awards but celebrate all the achievements. Note that attendance by students is compulsory. If you cannot attend then please let me know as soon as possible so we can help make other arrangements for your child to attend.

I trust that your child has a well earned break over the holidays and returns to school invigorated for the final term ahead.

David Heyworth, Head of Senior School

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