Senior School News 12 May 2017 - Glasshouse Christian College

Senior School News 12 May 2017

  • May 10, 2017

Senior School News 12 May 2017

Schools are such busy places and the start of Term 2 hasn’t been any different.

Year 11 Camp

In Week 2 our Year 11s went away to Mudjimba for three days of team building and various other activities to promote leadership skills. These are our future College leaders and so this camp is a great opportunity for them to step up and take the lead. The camp started with a couple of games of Skirmish and a few students learnt quickly the need to keep your head down and go strong. On the Thursday of the camp, 12 of our current Year 12 Captains – Sports Captains, Arts Captain, Faith and Community Captains, House Captains and College Captains joined the Year 11s and led the evening program. They did an exceptional job and demonstrated clearly the role of a leader in the school.

Drug Education

Over a number of weeks now, the Ted Noffs Foundation, supported through Queensland Health have been visiting the school to present drug education to students a class at a time. This organisation heads up the Street University campuses that aim to work with young people to help them realise their potential and not get caught in the traps that alcohol and drugs often catches our young people.

Celebrate the Memories

Our Year 12 students participated in a special program run by Lutheran Youth Queensland. The program was aimed at building and reestablishing relationships between students that may have become a bit strained in the stress of their final year. It was fantastic to see and hear, at the end of the day, the Year 12s sitting in a circle and affirming and encouraging each other.

Legacy Cup – GCC’s got talent

This term our houses are competing in the ever-popular GCC’s Got Talent as part of the Inter-House Legacy Cup Competition. This is a great competition that is not only a lot of fun but also provides a venue for those students who may have some hidden talents to showcase what they can do.  It is on this Thursday during lunch.  

Points to Note…

Formal Uniform

Please ensure your child follows these guidelines when in formal uniform:

  1. When cold, Seniors are to wear blazers before jumpers. If it gets cold, they can wear their jumper under their blazer. Jumpers are not to be worn alone.
  2. Old logo uniforms are not allowed.
  3. Hats: students are required to wear formal hats with formal uniform and sports hats with sport uniform.
  4. Please read the uniform policy on our College Website if you have any questions in regards to such things as uniform allowed and haircuts.

Fiji Mission Team

Continue to pray for the Fiji team as they plan and prepare for their trip. They have been meeting each Friday afternoon after school and are working very hard. The group will head off to Fiji at the end of Term 3. Pray that God will use the team to do great things in the lives of the people they work with and that they too will be touched by God’s hand and richly blessed as they serve Him.

Term 1 Results

It is encouraging to see so many students trying hard to achieve to their potential. In Senior School we had the following results:

Diligence Awards:

26 students awarded a Diligence Award for getting Very Good in Effort in all or all but one of their subjects.

Academic Awards:

30 students awarded an Academic Award for getting A’s in at least half their subjects.

Parent Portal

Some parents are still unable to access the parent portal. If you are having any difficulty logging in to access reports then contact the College Administration.

Dance results – Sunshine Coast Dance Eisteddfod

Congratulations to the dancers who performed at the recent Sunshine Coast Eisteddford. The Seniors received highly commended for both their jazz and musical theatre routines, which is a fantastic placing considering the huge competition. 

David Heyworth, Head of Senior School

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