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Senior School News 1 May 2015

  • April 29, 2015

Senior School News 1 May 2015

Things Past…

Year 11 & 12 Senior Exam Block & QCS Practise

At the end of last term our Year 11 and 12 sat their end of term examinations in our Exam Centre.  The Exam Centre is formed by opening rooms L8-L11.  The picture above shows what it looks like with all students focussed on their work.  For most exams the room was probably only half full and this allowed a great opportunity for students to work without distraction.  This method of assessment helps prepare students for QCS examinations as well as formal examinations held at University.

After the exam block was finished, the Year 12 students then sat for their practise QCS exams.  Mr Rob Maguire, one of our Senior English teachers is also a QCS accredited marker and was able to mark the extended writing task over the holidays.  The results of this practise exam will be discussed with the students in the QCS practises coming up.

Term 1 Results

Our students have achieved great results in Term 1.  In Senior, 30 students will be awarded Achievement Certificates for effort and a further 32 will be awarded Achievement Certificates for their overall results. To be issued a certificate, students must achieve Very Good in effort for all but one of their subjects or they must achieve an A grade in at least half their subjects.  These certificates will be handed out at the Week 3 Assembly.  This is very encouraging and I applaud those students who have been awarded these certificates.

Year 10 Work Experience

Last Week our Year 10s participated in Work Experience.  They were involved in a wide range of activities and all those I have spoken to have said it was a very positive experience, helping them to better plan their future career pathway. You can see their photos in the Future Pathways newsletter article. 

Management Review of Schools in New Zealand

Over the past week, our school management team reviewed six educational institutes in New Zealand.  Each school we visited had a special character and it reminded me of the special character of Glasshouse Christian College.  This is why I love working at this school.  What each child and staff member contributes here helps create the special character of GCC.  It was fantastic to see the God who we serve is so richly blessing the schools in New Zealand in the same way He is blessing us.

Happening this week…

Parent Teacher Interviews

I hope you were able to make the most of the Parent Teacher Interviews that were held this week. This is a great opportunity to start a dialogue with your child’s teachers and to ensure that we are working together in partnership to help your child achieve to their potential. Do not hesitate to contact your child’s teachers at any stage.  The easiest way to do this is through our College Portal – iLearn.

Interhouse Cross Country

The Interhouse Cross Country Carnival was also held this week on Thursday.  Results from this will go towards the Legacy Shield competition.  We also have a Challenge of the Minds competition later this term that will also contribute to House Points.  Students will need to be dressed in House uniform for both these days.

Year 12 “Seize The Day” Study Awards for Cancer sufferers

For Year 12 students who have personally had to deal with cancer or who have had a close family member affected by cancer, there are a number of grants available for between $200-$2,500 available to assist them to continue post-secondary education.  Any one interested in applying for these grants should check the Cancer Council website

Uniform Confusion…

Blazers are now compulsory in Senior School.

There appears to be some confusion with Uniform expectations, especially in relation to the blazers. Below is the relevant section from our uniform policy that can be downloaded off the College website:

What to wear and when

  • The sports uniform is to be worn on those days when students have sport and practical HPE.
  • Dance students are expected to bring a change of clothes for their lesson and wear the designated uniform outside of lesson time.
  • Secondary boys must wear ties and have their shirts tucked in during Terms 2 and 3. Ties must cover the top button of the shirt.
  • For senior school students the College blazer must be worn instead of the College jumper with formal uniform. Long grey trousers must be worn with the blazer on formal occasions and when directed by the College leadership.
  • Hats must be worn during outside activities and during all breaks.
  • For senior school students, the formal hat must be worn with the formal uniform and the sports bucket hat should only be worn with the sports uniform. For middle school students, the sports bucket hat may be worn with either formal or sports uniform. However, when students are on excursions, they must wear their formal hat with the formal uniform.
  • Senior students may wear the sports hat when playing sport in formal uniform on the oval at lunch times.
  • School jumper may be worn with sports uniform.
  • The College tracksuit or any part thereof can only be worn with the sports uniform and not the formal uniform.
  • House shirts are to be worn for a variety of house based sporting and other activities. No other coloured shirt is permissible. Only the designated house shirt is permitted during interhouse competitions and when directed by College leadership.

We have given students this week to sort out their uniforms but from Week 3 students dressed in the wrong uniform will be issued demerits.

Hair check

Students in Secondary will be inspected on our Hair Check day.  This will occur on a Thursday and students whose hair needs attention are then given until the following Monday to get it attended to.  A letter will be sent home with the student if their hair requires attention.

If you have any question in relation to uniform or hair then please contact me.

David Heyworth, Head of Senior School

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