Secondary Sports Report Term 3, Weeks 7 to 9 - Glasshouse Christian College

Secondary Sports Report Term 3, Weeks 7 to 9

  • September 17, 2019

Secondary Sports Report Term 3, Weeks 7 to 9

Regional Athletics Carnival

The regional athletics carnival included all state and private schools on the Sunshine Coast. Athletes competing at this event had the opportunity to be selected for state-level competition. The carnival took place at the Sunshine Coast University track on Thursday 29 August and Friday 30 August.

Glasshouse Christian College students selected to compete at regionals were as follows:

Arno Mens, Dominic Ruhle, Lainey Grieve, Cassidy Ferris, Molly McCaughey, Macauley King, Liam Brown, Patrick McKenzie, Jaiden Ward, Declan Martin, Nicole Morris, Noah Woolston, Sophie Trevan, Adelie Tomokino, Amy Trevan and Aiden McKellar.

Congratulations to Cassidy Ferris who from the regional competition has been selected in the regional team to compete at state level competition for long jump, triple jump, 400m and javelin. States will be taking place on 17 October.

To sum up racing World Championships, it was by far the most challenging and exciting thing I have ever done! Initially, when I found out I was selected, I had second thoughts about going. This was mostly due to cost, but also a little bit because of doubt. “Aus U19 females shouldn’t compete at World Champs. The courses are too technical and they aren’t used to the large number of competitions” is a common statement I’ve heard many times at races. I chose to use this as motivation and wanted to prove them wrong. I also realised an experience like this should not be thrown away and I have been dreaming of doing this as an U15 and U17 rider. 

According to the U23s and Elites on the Aus team who have raced all the world cup rounds, Mont Sainte Anne is the hardest of them all! The entire lap you are at your limits- no flat or flow. Think steep, no grip, jagged rock gardens and loose hairpin climbs.

Course practice was crazy and nothing like home. We had a scheduled time frame, where all female competitors and their coaches were on course at once. This meant features would bunch up with girls literally riding over the top of each other. It was crazy and made it very difficult to learn the track, but that’s how it goes at a world level. I was so proud to have ridden all the A-lines in practice at least once, and all but one consistently. It wasn’t easy and cost me three good crashes. It was also surreal to see the elites I watch on tv and idolise on course right next to me. 

I had only practiced in the dry, and it rained the night before our race. I stayed positive and held on to the fact that everyone else was in the same situation as me. I was going to stick to my plan. I was ranked 27th, which placed me in a pretty good spot on the start line (4th row). Unfortunately, as soon as the start light turned green, this went to waste. A rider on the front row in front of me, missed her pedal. This meant the whole right side of the field was held up and I was sitting towards the back of the field after the start loop. The A lines that were difficult in dry, were almost impossible in the wet. The rocks and roots were like ice! The first lap was a big crazy mess, where we were all running with our bikes and even sliding on our bums. I managed to make a few places, but the top end of the field was out of sight. During my last few laps, I broke away from the back crowd and rode my own race. I had never hurt so much in my life. On my final lap, my fatigue caused a crash, but it didn’t slow me down too much. I was unable to complete my 4th lap, due to being not within 80% of the winner’s time. 42nd was my placing, which sounds alright, but to be lapped off crushed me. I went into this race with no result expectations and a goal to give my absolute all, and that I did, but I knew I was capable of finishing.

That set aside, I am proud I was brave enough to have a go and face the biggest and baddest in the world. I am also proud of all the hard work I put into getting my selection. Being bottom aged, I have the chance to race next year’s World Champs as an U19 in Germany. If I am selected again, I will have a much higher ranking and can avoid being caught up at the start. I also now know what to expect, how to prepare and will not be as overwhelmed. I had an inspiring chat with Holly Harris (she is one of the best Aus female riders, who was lapped out herself). “This is only your first one, you have so many years ahead of you! Bec McConnell (Aus’s best female rider) has spent years of racing overseas to get where she is. In her early races, she was lapped out many times.” 

I have learned so much in these two weeks and will remember them forever. 

Other highlights:

  • Watching the DH and other XCO races live (and making it on redbull tv)
  • Aus placing 9th in the XCO team relay, Bec Mcconnell -3rd, Tracey Hannah- 4th, Zoe Cutbert- 5th, Troy Brosnan- 2nd, Kye A’Hern -World Champ!
  • Free Gondola Rides
  • Visiting Old Quebec City
  • Canada’s scenery
  • Having a conversation with Emily Batty and meeting her dog
  • Accidentally riding into Jenny Risveds
  • Receiving a wave from Nino Schurter
  • Staying next door to the new World Champ
  • Being a part of the Aus team and wearing the green and gold (and now also red) kit
  • Attempting to speak french and driving on the wrong side of the road 
  • Crepes

By Holly Lubcke

Sunshine Coast Secondary schools basketball

GCC Eagles basketball continues to thrive as we come to the conclusion of the season. With a couple of games to go, teams are trying to secure their place in the top 4 to make the finals in Term 4. The Junior Boys currently have secured their spot in the finals.

Senior Boys
Lost v SCGS 39-56
Won v ILC by 10 points

Senior Girls
Lost v St Johns 13-27
Won v MFAC 17-5

Intermediate Boys A
Lost v NCC 17-40
Won v Chancellor 42-17

Intermediate Girls
Lost v MFAC 6-32
Lost v SCGS

Junior Boys
Won v St Johns 45-43
Drew v SCGS 36-36

Term 3 – SCISSA Touch Football

Week 7 results:
Junior Girls A – Defeated Immanuel Lutheran College 7-0. Best Lily-Jean Cruise

Junior Boys A – Defeated by Matthew Flinders 5-11. Best Arno Mens

Intermediate Girls A – Defeated Matthew Flinders in Semi Final 4-1. Best Jorja Goddard

Intermediate Boys A – Defeated by Good Shepherd in the Semi Final 2-5. Best Riley McMillan

Intermediate Boys B – Defeated by St Andrews in the Semi-Final 4-8. Best Daemon Cruise

Senior Girls A – Defeated Nambour Christin College 1-6. Ellie Keeble


Intermediate Girls A 
GCC Defeated Immanuel Lutheran College 2-1.

From Back left; Indiana Gosbell-Smith, Olivia Ellis, Gracie Ciantar, Kiara Newsome (Capt), Maddie Newsome (Capt), Lilli-Jean Cruise, Jorja Goddard, Hayley Dellaway, Desley Palmer (Coach), Mia Andreassen, Amy Trevan and Chelsea Breen.

Congratulations to the intermediate girls A team and their coach Desley Palmer on a fantastic undefeated season and Grand Final win. The game was a nail-biting battle from start to finish. GCC got out to an early lead after Maddie Newsome’s try in the first half. ILC defended very well in the first half sliding and shutting down our attacking plays. ILC came out hard in the second half, scoring an early try to tie up the match. The GCC girls came up with a great attacking play to set up Gracie Ciantar and the winning try with just five minutes of play remaining. GCC were able to defend well for the last five minutes and keep the score to 2-1 winning the SCISSA championship. This is another impressive back-to-back Grand Final victory having won their division championship in 2018. The girls will be favourites going into next year’s season, especially when we consider that they are Year 9 students currently having played in a Year 10 competition.

SCISSA Soccer Term 4

SCISSA Soccer will take place in Term 4 and this year we will be entering 4 teams into the competition. Games will take place on Wednesday afternoons in the 4pm or 4:45pm time slots. Home games will be played at the Beerwah Bulldogs RL fields.

Trials for the junior boys and girls teams will take place this Friday during MS sport time. Intermediate teams have already been selected based on nominations and are listed below.

Please notify Mr Beattie ASAP if your name appears above and you are no longer able to participate next term. Junior Boys and Girls teams will be announced after trials.

Fraser Coast Interschool Equestrian competition

Year 12 student Lauren Brockhurst recently competed in the Year 12 division at the Fraser Coast Interschool Equestrian competition and rode her 14-year-old quarter horse named ‘Westmore Spinnin Jesse’. Lauren enjoyed much success over the three days of competition gaining the following placings. Lauren came 1st in Dressage, Hacking and Dry Work, 2nd in Ranch riding, Mechanical cow, 3rd in Extreme trail, 4th in Bending and Rider class and 5th in Barrels. Placing 3rd overall in the year 12 division.

GCC Sports Awards night

This year’s sports awards evening will be held on Monday 28 October from 6 pm in the church. I am sure our families have enjoyed watching our last two guest speakers from 2017 and 2018; Simon Black and Steven Bradbury battle it out on Australian Survivor. 

This year we are excited to announce that our guest speaker will be one of Australia’s most decorated lifesavers and former world champion ironwoman Kristy Ellis (nee Munroe). Kristy will be with us on the night to present awards and speak to us about her journey as a professional sportswoman.

Sports awards criteria

A number of awards for sporting achievements will be handed out at the sports awards again this year. 

Gold, silver and bronze awards

The gold, silver and bronze awards and the sportspersons of the year awards are decided on by the accumulation of points throughout the year. These points are given for the following:

  • Participation in school sporting teams in after school sports and gala days.
  • Representing the school at athletics, swimming and cross country at district, regional, state and national competition.
  • Representing the school at district, region, state or nationally within a schools sporting context.
  • Breaking records at any event at athletics, swimming or cross country.

Points vary depending on the achievement or level of representation. 

Sports persons of the year

The last awards to be presented and undoubtedly our most prestigious are the sports person of the year awards. These will be awarded to a boy and girl from Primary, Middle school and the Senior school. Recipients who receive this award have managed to accrue more points than anyone else at the school in their category.

Age champions

Age champion awards are given out for our whole school sporting events; athletics, swimming and cross country. Those students who were most successful across all events at each carnival are awarded according to their age category.

MVP awards

MVP awards are awarded to the most valuable player from a sporting team that has been entered in the highest division in each year level or age group throughout the year. While it goes without saying that all players are highly valued, the player that receives this award is one who has the greatest positive impact on the team’s success, albeit through on-field success and through strong leadership and a positive attitude.

Matthew Beattie, Head of Sport and PE

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