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Secondary Athletics Carnival

  • August 7, 2013

This year’s Secondary Athletics Carnival was an extremely tight competition between houses. A good showing of Sinai, Ararat and Zion athletes turned up for all events ensuring maximum participation points.

This year, events were spread across a day and a half with the high jump continuing throughout the week due to slippery conditions. The competition was hard fought and the lead between houses changed regularly. Intermittent rain and wet conditions on carnival day did nothing to dampen spirits as a record number of students took part in all events.

Congratulations to the following students who managed to break many long-standing records:

Hurdles: Ryan Sauer, Rani Weir, Natasha Hoeksema, Lucas Tidy, Jake Hoeksema

Javelin:  Jillisa Thomas, Ella Mickelson, Andrea Little, Adrian White

Triple Jump: Ryan Sauer, Joshua Pederson, Jared Moore

Discus: Ryan Sauer, Jesse Snelling, Andrea Little, Adrian White, Mitchell Ferris

Shot Put: Caitlin Smith, Andrea Little, Adrian White

Long Jump: Ryan Sauer, Cameron Shervey, Ella Mickelson

100m: Ryan Sauer, Andrea Little, Jared Moore

200m: Ryan Sauer

400m: Ryan Sauer

800m: Natasha Hoeksema, Andrea Little

1500m: Abbey Bates, Natasha Hoeksema, Jacqueline Roach, Cameron Shervey

Special mention should be made to Ryan Sauer for his outstanding efforts, managing to break records in seven events.

The drama continued to unfold right up to the last event, the 16 boys high jump. Ararat was in fact sitting in front by only three points. Luckily for Zion, Glen Morris arrived for competition in what was his last day at GCCC before embarking on an apprenticeship. His cameo performance was enough to win his age group and thrust Zion back into the lead and ultimately overall winners by only seven points.

Well done Zion!

Total point tally:

Zion – 2408

Ararat – 2401

Sinaii – 2131


Matt Beattie, Head of Sports

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