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Secondary Athletics Carnival Report

  • June 23, 2015

This year’s Secondary Athletics Carnival was an extremely close competition between houses. A good showing of Sinai, Ararat and Zion athletes turned up for all events ensuring maximum participation points.

This event was once again held at Skippy Park. The beautiful weather and excellent track and field facilities provided an excellent day out for all spectators. The competition was hard fought, and the lead between houses changed regularly. Student participation was extremely high as all present took part in the majority of events.

This year we had a total of 39 GCC Athletic records broken. This is a huge amount of records when you consider that last year 26 were broken.

Congratulations to the following students.

High Jump: Willow Hildreth, Rowan Gough, Daniel O’Farrell, Caleb Stevens, Joshua Pederson, Calista Theron and Jaiden Andrews

Triple Jump: Joshua Pederson

Long Jump: Sophie Trevan, Ella Mickelson

Discus: Laura Vobr, Damian Tomokino, Sean Nalty-Leal, Andrea Little

Shot Put: Laura Vobr, Noah Woolston, Stephanie Ferris, Andrea Little

Javelin:  Chelsea McLeary, Daniel O’Farrell, Andrea Little, Jesse Snelling

100m: Nicole Theunissen, Aiden McKellar, Sophie Trevan, Bakani Kombanie, Keeley Thomas, Sean Nalty-Leal, Kyle Bullard, Ella Mickelson, Thomas Thow

200m: Nicole Thiunissen, Bradyn Bell, Ella Mickelson, Troy Fullerton

400m: Ella Mickelson, Jacob Broderick

Hurdles: Andrea Little

Congratulations to all age champions. These athletes have competed to a high standard across many track and field events to win this prestigious award.

All age champions will be celebrated at this year’s sports awards evening.

12 Years BoysGirlsAiden McKellarWillow Hildreth
13 Years BoysGirlsPatrick McKenzieSophie Trevan
14 Years BoysGirlsDaniel O’FarrellKeeley Thomas
15 Years BoysGirlsCaleb StevensNatasha Hoeksema
16 Years BoysGirlsJosh AndrewsJayde Treloar
17 Years BoysGirlsJaiden AndrewsAndrea Little

Ella Mickelson

The final house points for Secondary Athletics were once again very close. Well-done to Zion for taking back the shield from Ararat this year.

1st Zion – 2056

2nd Ararat – 1913

3rd Sinai – 1897

If you would like to see the photos again, please click here.

Matt Beattie, Head of Sports and Physical Education

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