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SCIPHA Leadership Day

  • March 4, 2015


Each year the Sunshine Coast Independent Primary Heads Association (SCIPHA) hold a Leadership Day at the start of the year for aspiring young leaders in the Primary School.

This year, 130 students from 13 different Independent schools attended.

The theme for the day was ”Learning to Fly” with the aim being to develop students to become strong and resilient young people who are inspired to use the leadership opportunities they have been given to make a positive difference.

The program covered relationship building, communication, team building, goal setting, public speaking and active listening and developing a positive self-mindset.

Our students enjoyed the day and shared their reflections:

‘It was fun but my favorite activities, without a doubt, were the teamwork activities.’ Alex

On Monday 23rd of February a group of lovely Year 6 leaders when to a SCIPHA

Leadership day. It was really fun. We learnt how to be good leaders.

There were about 5 activities My first activity was all about teamwork. There were lots of different teamwork activities and you needed to be able to communicate well.

At morning tea they provided cup cakes and poppers. My favorite activity was definitely the teamwork challenges! ‘


I was a bit nervous but I made new friends very quickly. We learnt about conflict resolution and how to communicate properly and by morning tea time every one was chatting away about how awesome there last task was, while enjoying a vanilla cupcake and popper. My favorite activity was when we went down to the Worship Centre Cave and used teamwork to win some pretty cool competitions.’


By Gail Mitchell






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