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School zone safety – advice for motorists, parents and carers

  • January 1, 2024

School zone safety – advice for motorists, parents and carers

With school back for 2024, we need to keep safety top-of-mind when travelling through active school zones and around our school community.

School zone times have been standardised in Queensland to help motorists remember when to slow down. The standard operating times for most Queensland school zones, including GCC, are 7–9am and 2–4pm. If you are travelling past other schools, please note that some school zones operate all day between 7am–4pm.

Speeding remains a significant concern, contributing to fatalities and injuries, and police will be on the lookout for speeding motorists. Keeping below the signed speed limit in school zones helps keep everyone safe. This simple adjustment may have minimal impact on travel time but has the potential to significantly contribute to saving lives.

Children’s crossings are identified by children’s crossing flags, displayed near crossings before and after school hours. 

When the crossing is supervised, you, as a motorist, must:

  • Wait until all pedestrians, bicycle riders, or personal mobility device riders have crossed the road and the crossing supervisor has returned to the footpath.
  • Abide by the direction given by the School Crossing Supervisor.

Please keep our children safe by staying alert, slowing down and obeying our school crossing supervisors who are there to help kids cross the road safely.  

You can also help children become more road safety aware by:

  • Showing them how to look for vehicles coming in and out of driveways and discouraging them from playing behind parked cars, or with toys or balls when walking to school. 
  • Ensuring your child knows the safest route to and from school. This is usually the way with the least traffic and the fewest roads to cross and teach your child to always walk on footpaths. 
  • Showing your child how to cross at traffic lights when the green ‘walk’ sign is showing at pedestrian crossings when vehicles have stopped and at supervised school crossings when the supervisor has signalled it is safe to do so. 
  • Accompanying children when walking or riding to school until they are old enough to understand road safety (usually around 10 years or older). 
  • Teach your child if they catch the bus to never cross in front of or behind a bus; wait until the bus goes before crossing the road. 
  • Make sure wheeled devices (bicycle, scooter, skateboard, or rollerblades) used to travel to school are well maintained and that the appropriate protective and safety gear (for example, helmet, visible clothing, knee and elbow pads) are used. 

Visit the Street Smarts website for more information about what to do at pedestrian and children crossings.

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